[Metacreator] Question on Invested Devices

Crossposting from MC Yahoogroup. Perhaps some of the folk here might know what's up:

There's a bonus you get for adding effects to an invested device
that are the same technique or form as a previous effect.

I was working on my first such device, but the numbers didn't seem
to jibe with what the book was telling me.

I seemed to be getting +2 for each prior effect (they were all Muto
Aquam). The section on Instilling Effects on P. 99 of the Ars 5 Core
says that "For each effect already in the device that has a
Technique and/or Form in common with the effect being invested, add
+1 to your Lab Total. The bonus is +1 per existing effect, even if
it matches both the Technique and the Form."

Now, is this an error in the program, or might there be some other
place that I'm getting an extra +1 from? It seems that it's giving a
+1 for each match of Tech/Form. Anyone care to look at it? I'm new
to Metacreator, so I might be missing something.