Hi Everyone!

Does anyone know if Metacreator is dead? I haven't seen an update from them in quite some time aside from moving things onto DriveThruRPG. I'd love for them to continue putting Ars Magica supplements in.

The Ars Magica one seems to be alive, as one of my fellow players messaged them not too long ago about a bug, which they responded to and apparently fixed.

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Are they going to continue updates for the rest of the supplements?

Given what's on their website... probably not? But at the very least support seems to be ongoing.

That is really sad. They make a great product and it would be nice to have access to the rest of the books and mechanic on Meta.

I was super excited to find out about metacreator and very sad to find out not all the books were on there. I wonder what happened...was it not worth the time for them? Did atlas not want to license the info?

It'd be super cool if fans were able to distribute templates based on the books...perhaps to people who've already bought the books?