Micaela's Gauntlet (1240)

Vocis is making taking a number of actions in preparation for Micaela's Gauntlet. Starting in early 1239 to perform the tests in 1240.

1 - Briefing Micaela.
Stopping her readings one morning Vocis will sit with Micaela and give her the basics of the year to come.
"It is time for you to prepare for your Gauntlet."

"You will be tested in the traditional way, that of Certamen. We have practiced many times with each other but I ask you to continue this practice in the coming seasons so you are properly prepared. I expect you to recall all your lessons on schools and forms, and to remain within the battle and not overwhelmed or excited by it. We seek to prepare, control, and learn. Victory comes from this and is a step taken on a path of growth."

"You must also complete for me several other tests and tasks. These will distract from your wider study, which must be accommodated. "

2 - a traditional task.
"You must also bring to be a special branch which will become your voting sigil. Seek our House lore for the particulars of this device. Many bold and inventive choices have been made by Tremere through our history. The choices and locale are yours to arrange. I will need that within three seasons. "

3 - a special enclosure.
The test of Certamen will follow the ceremonial traditions. Starting with rounds to demonstrate each of the schools and techniques which are intended not to prove the more powerful participant but to confirm gone knowledge of schools and methods. Where other Tremere magi would be interested or invited he will do so (no idea if that is traditional). Then Micaela must duel three combatants, Vocis and two others selected from Vocis's allies and friends in the House.

I'm assuming that House Tremere keeps these proceedings private? If not Vocis would like Andorran Magi to assist.

He will find a place within his tower (preferably) or perhaps on covenant grounds if more space is needed and build a small covered amphitheatre. Or a specially decorated hall or chamber. Traditional House colours and sigils, threatening and gracious artwork.

4 - Vocis's gift.
Vocis will arrange for a copy of some useful utility spells and copies of some of his own lab texts to be made, and presented in a case. Given its a few years out that shouldn't be difficult to slip into the work orders for the scribes.

5 - A name
"Lastly you will have the opportunity to choose your Hermetic name. Again the choice is largely yours. Choose well Micaela."

Is this private or not? Fleur might be interested in participating if not...

If allowed, Lucas would be happy to participate in the Certamen testing. It's something he hasn't had an opportunity to practice much since his own apprenticeship.

As a player I'm not sure if the ceremony is meant to be kept within House Tremere. Books are not specific. (?)

Suggest Vocis might have the motivation of including his hermetic covenfolk as a way to show his appreciation for them. The team who have taken up the bulk of the library especially.

Very happy to have Lucas and Fleur assist with the rounds of Certamen. Having Octavian present as a Tremere and former covenant member might be good too - as an npc.

I'm viewing the event to be similar to when somebody grades for a Black Belt in Karate. Many tests, very exhausting, strong ceremonial events; and probably a celebration afterward.
I'm also not sure if I'm over doing the Gauntlet with all this - perhaps a single bout of Certamen is all that is mandated. I think the Tremere would like some traditions to be shown and also respect taking the transition seriously. (?)

I will look up some Tremere stuff tonight and get back to you.
In the meantime...
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Do you have stats for her? Or can you gather enough data ad hoc to play out a duel or few? Roberto qualified in Certamen to compete in Dimicatio at the Normandy tribunal of 1227. He made it to the quarter finals (I think). In 1221 he competed in the informal Test of Flames contest.
The days of his youth :slight_smile:
In other words, he is a competant duelist and would be honored to give her a practice round for show.

Oh, and Octavian is a dick. He writes back that his duties render him unfree to travel at this time, but he looks forward to meeting you at Coeris. He alludes to the expectation that you will accompany Michaela to Coeris where they conduct some ceremony and do a dance or whatever. Then she will probably spend some time in Transylvania before moving on to her destiny.
But Octavian is still a dick. With the way the netwwork is set up it is simple to pop over for an afternoon. And he can teleport anyway. But he has hard feelings for Andorra and thinks we are a bunch of rogues. But the regional Exarch supports us, and Transylvania supports him, so Octavian is befuddled.

I've added Micaela's stats at Gauntlet to the wiki.
I've kept everything which her previous stats had and then added points till she was rounded out.

Arachné doesn't care. This is a waste of time, and she doesn't know Michaela enough to be willing to do that. Count her out.

Once she learns about it, Eva would love to attend, if only because Arachné makes her uncomfortable, but the witch surely won't agree... So if she can, she'll slip in whenever she can and watch in awe.

Wanna run through a display of Certamen? I will roll for Michaela, or as another magus versus Michaela for some sport.

Do you want Fleur to pick Form or Technique?

I think it'd be fun to do that.

I think I said three combatants for Micaela but if we have more then great!

Fleur, Roberto?, Lucas?, and then Vocis will be the last bout.

Start em up - the apprentice doesn't get to pick which Fo or Te, it's meant to be a darn hard challenge.

Fleur chooses Creo Corpus

certamen initative: 1D10-2 = [2]-2 = 0
I would Guess Micaela will go first-
Creo defense: 1D10+12 = [7]+12 = 19

Lucas will ask Vocis how challenging he wants the certamen challenge to be. Should Lucas use his strongest Arts or scale it back a bit?

"Well that's an area the traditions are unclear on. I'd suggest you allow her to at least demonstrate some of her skills, but do not hold back. I have prepared her for this challenge by indicating these will be real opponents, and she is to give no quarter to you. She does not expect to win, but personally I'd like it if she wasn't crushed. "

And the fact that there is no outcome or penalty for loss in these bouts, so both participants are not actually conceding an issue/spell/etc.

Micaela nods at the selection (Creo 8 (scr 4 x Focus), Corpus 8 ),
Certamen Init - Micaela Init for certamen: 1, then exploder roll 2 = Init: 4.

Creo Attack (Cr8+Pre1+ roll 0) = 9, then check for botch (roll 8), so no botch. Att: 9
Corpus Defense (Co8+Per0 + roll 4) = 12

corpus attk: 1D10+11 = [2]+11 = 13 Corpus 10 pre:1
weakening total= attk advantage (1)+ Int (3)+ penetration (0)=4

Resistance total: Parma 3 + Stam 2 = 5. So the weakening is absorbed.

Round Two

Attack: 9+ roll (Micaela Certamen Attack: 1D10 = [8] = 8) = 17
Defense: 8+ roll (Micaela Certamen Defense: 1D10 = [4] = 4) = 12