Michelin Guides

I don't remember exactly who it was (a quick search for "michelin" gives 'caribet' and 'cuchalainshound')...

... but I want to say Thank You to whomever it was that suggested purchasing a Michelin Guide to get good tidbits for an AM campaign setting. I strongly second this recommendation!

For those of you unfamiliar, these booklets list hundreds of interesting places (towns, landmarks, places of tourist interest, etc). Many of them have historical notes going way back to Roman times. The historical timeline in my guide to Germany starts in the year 1000.

I shopped on Amazon.com and got this one used for only 49 cents! (plus $3.50 shipping, of course).

Thanks again for this great suggestion.


I think I stand as guilty here :laughing: Yep, the guide is an amazing source of information. Hence the suggestion :slight_smile: I am glad you are finding it useful.



I use them too, but don't remember making the suggestion.