Midnight in Duresca (Winter 1231)

Solomon leans heavily on his staff as the fatigue starts to set in. Once the lights return, he immediately calls out to Sophia, Sophia, meet me in the dining hall. Do you see anything strange?

He then calls out, "Does anyone know what happened? Someone with a casting token or a lot of power must have done this..."

No one thought of your idea, which turned out to be the most effective. But in the hall already are a guy with Faerie Eyes, a magus who succeeded in that InIm idea, and a Flambeau magus who created a magical light bright enough to penetrate the darkness.
This Flambeau magus is none other than Trentus of Flambeau, the infamous hero. If you don't know who he is, ask and I shall tell.
Sophia is as "in the dark" as you. Everything was suddenly smothered in darkness, then the darkness was dispelled by you and receded just as suddenly.
Oh! One clue. The swathe of darkness was such that moonlight did not penetrate through the window. But when Sophia flew over to the window and looked outside, the moon still shined down upon Duresca. The darkness only permeated as far as the structure of the main covenant building.

Other wizards and covenfolk come out into the halls to investigate what happened, and the word quickly travels.
Metron has gone missing, as has Karandos of Flambeau.

(So, here's what I think I know about the relevant players, anything else you can give me that Solomon would know would be helpful:

Trentus of Flambeau - I know nothing at all :stuck_out_tongue:
Metron - Bad Guy. Member of the Cult of Flaming Shadows who was being held captive but wouldn't give up his fellow members so was being sentenced
Karandos of Flambeau - Fought in the Shadow Wars against infernalists. Had a bad twilight experience. Retired to the Cave of Twisting Shadows to study the Enigma in hopes of understanding it.)

Solomon listens intently as the information begins to flow. He turns to the nearest master of Duresca, "Where was Metron being held, has anyone talked to his guards? Does anyone have an arcane connection to him or Karandos? We must not delay, time is of the essence."

[tab][/tab]I didn't figure you would know anything about Trentus, so I am prepared to present known information :slight_smile:
[tab][/tab]You mat have noticed by now that I like using characters from old cannon. Metron, Karandos, and Carles are all described in ToH-Iberia (ArM3). Erat Caecus is from Houses of Hermes (ArM3.5) and Covenants (ArM2). Trentus is mentioned in several Code rulings detained in WGRE (ArM4). I do not know if he is in the original WG, but this is irrelevant.
[tab][/tab]Paraphased events noted below...
AD 1172 Iberia, Apprentice Law
[tab][/tab]For his Gauntlet, the apprentice known then as Vembar (now Trentus of Flambeau) was abandoned in Barcelona without clothing, provisions, or funds; and was told to make it to Sicily within a month. (This was the typical Flambeau Gauntlet in previous editions, I interpret what is listed in HoH-Societas as the "new way" of doing things)
[tab][/tab]in his efforts, Vembar slew several mundanes, torched multiple city guardsmen, and burned a couple ships in the harbor. Now a young magus, the Quaesitors wanted to hold Trentus and/or his parens accountable for these actions. But the Tribunal rules that the Gauntlet is a special situation wherein the parens cannot be required to guide or supervise the actions of their filius, nor is the apprentice yet sworn to the code or bound by the Oath.
[tab][/tab]So not even a slap on the wrist for either one. To this day, the Covenant of Barcelona holds a grudge against Trentus, and this was the impetus for granting that covenant more concessions as far as security and regulation. Thus leading to the meeting Solomon came here for to begin with.

AD 1186 Iberia, Interfering with Mundanes
[tab][/tab]Trentus of Flambeau was brought before the Tribunal and accused of killing no less than 100 mundanes in various fights and skirmishes. Though it was noted that his use of magic was blatant and occasionally spectacular, he left not a single survivor that could identify him as a magus of the Order of Hermes, so Trentus was acquitted on a loophole, since there was no danger of bringing ruin upon his sodales.
[tab][/tab]Adding to that story, he was severely verbally reprimanded by several senior magi who did not like the ruling. Trentus also had the help of some influential allies during that tribunal, who supported his activities because it was suspected that these mundanes had supernatural allies (Trentus crusaded against Almoravids and their Marabout holymen whom some suspected of being necromancers)

AD 1194 Iberia, Sanctum Law
[tab][/tab]This time Trentus was charged with the murder of another magus just outside his sanctum. Trentus argued that the other magus was approaching the sanctum with the intent of stealing magical artifacts. In accordance with precedence set with a similar case (997 Val-Negra), Trentus was foung guilty of using poor but excusable judgment and punished with the loss of his Familiar
[tab][/tab]Though some may see this as a minor punishment, this affected him deeply and he carries this pain with him decades later. He has never again taken a familiar. Some say this event marks the turning point in his life.

[tab][/tab]In the years since then, Trentus has (barely) managed to stay out of trouble with the law. He participated in the Shadow Wars and had exposed Metron's cabal in Barcelona. However, in a hot headed battle with Metron, Trentus caused a fire in the west wing of the Silver Rooster Inn (Barcelona Covenant's central headquarters).

(Thanks for the info...I'm reposting this since you didn't respond to it :wink: )

Solomon listens intently as the information begins to flow. He turns to the nearest master of Duresca, "Where was Metron being held, has anyone talked to his guards? Does anyone have an arcane connection to him or Karandos? We must not delay, time is of the essence."

[tab][/tab]It is Trentus of Flambeau himself who steps forward to speak. He is still holding a torch radiating with magic light as bright as the sun.
[tab][/tab]We were all in the same chamber. Metron was imprisoned in the crystal sphere that suppresses magic coming from within, and he was loaded with chains. I was there, Erat Caecus, Karandos, Crinos of Gurnicus. Others. We pressed the ultimatum upon him, offering him mercy and life in prison if he would but divulge the final secrets of the shadows.
[tab][/tab]We were talking about different horrific ways we could execute him and threatened to bring in the English! I suggested we just torture the information out of him, burn off one body part at a time. But Crinos rejected the notion as being against the principles of House Gurnicus. I sneered at him, having known some pretty shady Quaesitors in my day. Erat Caecus mentioned that, since he was already an outcast, any one of us could just kill him at any time without repercussion. No law or mandate protected him. That's when he went into his ranting about how he can never die and daring us to kill him. He does that sometimes.
[tab][/tab]But this time it worked.
[tab][/tab]Karandos could stand no more, and in fiery rage he unleashed a massive blast of, I don't know, pure destructive energy. Not like any fire or lightning I have seen before, a spectacular display of heat and light. And he was literally in a fiery rage. Something went pop in his head and he just lost it. His eyes spewed flame, his hair and beard crackled with lightning, and his voice grew to gigantic timber. Never in my life have I seen a rage so powerful! It was magnificent!
[tab][/tab]We never saw what actually happened when the blast struck the prison sphere. I was told it suppressed magic coming from inside, not outside, so it can be used to keep subjects tame while they are magically interrogated from without.
[tab][/tab]Gurnicus principles :unamused:
[tab][/tab]The reason we didn't see is because it was at that instant everything went dark and we were all blind because of it. I was the only one that could muster a spell to permit sight. Crinos tried to spontaneously cast an Intellego Imaginem spell and failed six timed before he succeeded. I am surprised he did not go into twilight. By that time I had created light with a spell of sufficient magnitude to penetrate the darkness. It was a standard spell, fifth magnitude Perdo Ignem, the Well without Light. Only magical light of the fifth magnitude could penetrate it.
[tab][/tab]Whence we were able to see again, both Metron and Karandos had vanished. The crystal sphere was shattered and the chains turned to slag, and there were blast marks all around. Obviously the work of Karandos' spell. But no signs of Metron. No remains, no corpse, nothing. Karandos too had disappeared.
[tab][/tab]And here are now.

(as a side note, the last time Metron appeared in this game was at the start of this leg of the saga, and he was laughing hysterically.

Solomon listens intently to Trentus, ignoring the various jabs against his House as he attempts to separate the useful information from biased commentary. Once he was finished, Solomon looks around briefly then decides he's the quaesitor here most qualified to deal with this (due to his "Infernalist Hunter" reputation, and that he's the only PC here 8) ) and motions to Trentus, "Then let's go see what we can learn at the chamber."

Once at the chamber, Solomon takes a moment to study what is left of the crystal sphere that had held Metron. Once he's finished a cursory observation he takes a deep breath and leans heavily on his staff as he closes his eyes and begins chanting heavily and waving his free hand in wide movements; exaggerating the movements necessary to complete a very complex Intellego spell.

Casting Sight of the Sigil, InVi 50
Casting Total: 17(In) +14(Vi) +2(Sta) +3(aura) +2 (loud & exaggerated) +4(die roll) = 42 (success with 1 fatigue)

(Specifically he's looking for the spell that Karandos cast, which I think should still be a positive magnitude based on the time. Looking for the Technique, Form and effect of the spell as well as if the casting sigil is actually Karandos' and not someone who has masquerading as him. While it seems obvious, he's wondering if the spell actually did something different or more than what was visibly obvious. He sould also be able to pick up any other magic cast in the area recently as well if it's pertinent)

It was a Creo-Auram/Ignem/Vim effect. A unique spell Karados developed during his time at the Cave of Twisting Shadows. And the sigil definitely matches Karandos: Kirby Dots.
You also catch a whiff of a trace of a Perdo-Corpus effect. Very weak, throwing you a bone :smiley:
Sigil is cold and dark, Metron.
Oh, and the Perdo Ignem effect that knocked the lights out. Again, cold & dark.

(I assume Karandos' spell was a pure damage spell? Sight of the Sigil gives me the "rough details of the effect". Also, same question in regards to the Perdo Corpus, or is it just too weak now to know)

"Do we have any arcane connections to Metron, or Karandos?" Solomon asks before he quickly casts a spell and begins looking around.

Casting Sight of the Molting Magus, InCo 25 (HoH:TL pg 72)

(He's hoping Karandos' spell may have hurt Metron and maybe made him bleed or singed some hair or something and left behind an Arcane Connection...)

There is no trace of Metron anywhere in the room. Not sure if you can learn anything from the PeCo sigil. But again, I will throw a bone. Apparently Metron completely disintegrated himself. Temporarily.
The Duresca Quaesitors do have AC's to each of them (Metron & Karandos). What is your plan?

Let us kick this one in the rump :laughing:

While you are contemplating clues and devising a plan, you hear a scream in the distance. Everyone does. You recognize it.

Solomon had just been about to ask for a map when he heard the scream. Sophia, quickly, go and investigate he thinks to her and then uses her eyes to see what has happened. If there is no immediate danger there, he'll leap to her reaches the site of the scream.

Could you explain again?
How does Sophia handle doors?
What will you do if there is danger? Or if there is no danger?

Sorry, I assumed others would be running to the scream so should could follow them through doors as necessary.. The reason Solomon isn't going is because he is Lame and thus walks very slowly. If there is danger, I was expecting you would tell me and then I could decide. If there is no immediate obvious danger once she gets there, he'd Leap of Homecoming there (I just threw this in to speed things up if there was no danger).

There are others headed that way, but Sophia is close by and faster. But luckily, Greg the grog is at hand and kicks the door down! Kesara is backed up against the wall shaking, but calming down. On the opposite wall are blast marks of sorts, outlining a shape that looks sorta like Metron with his cape all aflutter

Seeing that everything is basically okay, Solomon slowly limps his way down to where Kesara is and then asks, "What happened? What did you see?"

Is the wall with blast marks an exterior wall, or is there another room on the other side?

Exterior wall

Everything went dark, so I used my innate ability to create light to see. Even the burning torches shed no light of their own and could only be seen by my illumination! Then the light returned. I had gone looking around to see what happened when it was dark, so when the light came back I returned to my room.
Then I saw him. It. Metron, the Flaming Shadow Incarnate. Seriously, like, that is what he was! A flickering, flaming shadow that grew against the wall and loomed over me as if to snatch me. I panicked and let loose a scream, but kept my wits about me. Reasoning that light dispels shadows, I blasted it, and, I guess, I destroyed it. I dunno. Do you think it could return?

Solomon makes his way over to the marks on the wall as he calls over his shoulder, "Do you have a map of the covenant and the surrounding area?"

He then takes out the arcane connection to Metron and quickly casts The Whole From the Part (HoH:TL pg 72). Specifically he's interested in knowing Metron's essential nature (corporeal human or Flaming shadow being).

The map will be to try and find Metron with The Inexorable Search if I can penetrate his MR.

Metron's essential nature is a being of fire and darkness, inhuman.
For that spell and Inexorable Search, I should call for a roll. But I will save you some time and frustration. Either you are unable to Penetrate or Metron is no longer within range of the area covered by the map.

Solomon sighs, he had assumed that Metron's penetration would be too difficult to overcome, but he had to try. He says out loud, to himself as well as anyone else in the room, "We need to find Karandos. It's odd, there was no magical effect in the crystal room that would account for his disappearance. Did anyone speak to Karandos before the interrogation? Did he seem...off...at all?"