Miniature Items and Bonuses

Hi all

I'm starting up in a new troupe, and I intend my mage, Octavius Ex Verditus, to be a herbam specialist with a secret vis source who specialises in wooden dolls. The basic premise being that he's considered a hedge wizard because he pretty much refuses to learn formuliac spells in favour of a veritable army of 1ft dolls that follow him around. All his dolls would have a ReHe spell in which has them come to life and follow him on a command word.

The question is this: these dolls may be given certain miniature versions of things for them to carry around. Would these magical items get the bonuses from the Shape/Material Table?
For example, a doll of a town cryer would be given a miniature bell - would this doll get the +5 warning bonus from the Shape/Material Table?

Also, another thought, what bonuses (if any) would you give for a doll?



It would depend on how the item was opened, whether the magus paid for the sum of the parts or only the most expensive component (and which component that is). But yes, a miniature bell does give the normal bonus, just like a shield-shaped brooch would give the shape bonuses of a shield.

Thanks Fruny. I've had a chat with my GM, and he agrees with you on this.