I know many people don't use miniatures for Ars Mgica, but I was thinking about using some for my games. Toys are always fun! So I'm curious what miniatures do you use for your Ars Magica game?

My troupe are tight-fisted, so we got a bunch of airfix Robin Hood andBattle of Hastings plastic minis. The Robin Hood set has a noble lady on a horse, a monk and a stack of archers and bandits. The Battle of Hastings set has a bunch of early medieval Norman knights that fit OK for most 11th-13th century things.

The only time we've used "miniatures" for our tabletop ArM game was when we were playing scenes at a Stonehenge Tribunal meeting. The minis were cardboard rectangles on stands, with the name of the maga/us, house, covenant, and one or two defining characteristics. We moved them around and regrouped them as side meetings took place or voting was occurring so we could think about who as aligning with whom and what intrigues might be planned.