minimum language skill for writing

Does the specialisation "hermetic" count towards the minimum of 5 for writing a book?

I would say so. If you are writing about Arts or hermetic skills (Parma, penetation or finesse). if you are writing about something else I would say no.

Yeah, that's a judgement call, but imo... sure.

What a troupe/SG should weigh here is whether the "specialization" is abusive, too all-encompassing or undefined, whether it just doesn't make sense, or just doesn't feel right. "Hermetic usage" is, imo, none of the above, but that's my saga, not yours. :wink:

You could argue that it "doesn't make sense" - that either one has the mastery and vocabulary to write, or they don't, but imo that's a thin quibble, and not worth the headache. A good SG has gotta give the occasional gift to players - this is one that seems like it might be a good battle to choose to lose.

Yes, of course. Specializations raise the skill level by one in their subject.