Minor Breakthrough: Longevity

Our resident Bonisagus enfante terrible has decided to pursue a breakthrough.

He is an Elementalist, and nots how the differences in the elemental forms mean little to him in certain ways. He also notes that (in our saga, as noted in the Core) though Creo Corpus is used for the ritual, the vis used for longevity can be Creo, Corpus, Vim, or the strongest arts of the magus.

He's taking the leap that, indeed, the Form of the ritual could be instead the strongest Form of the ritual recipient.

SO... he'll be proceeding to experiment a bit. But then needs to stabilize and so forth. This will be my first time running such a breakthrough.

Any thoughts in general? Since longevity rituals generally increase in magnitude over time, I'm assuming he'll be reinventing the same ritual, even if it is no longer effective for his subject, until he hits the breakthrough threshhold and walks off with the new understanding that will be applicable to all longevity rituals after being instructed.

As for the effects on the Order: Form specialists outside of Corpus ones now suddenly become more long lived. Fewer people become Generalists...

What else?

I can imagine it in special cases only. And every other Art should be another breakthough.
Animalem in Bjornaer's case or when the magus is an animal at least partially. Herbam when he is a plant etc. Vim when he is a magical being thus has magic might.

Interesting idea. My advice is to decide on how many Breakthrough Points the character needs in light of his capabilities, not in light of the guidelines. Work with the player to decide how difficult the whole thing should be.

Also, depending on the player's desires, introduce sources of Insight as per Ancient Magic, not just lab-work, to make the invention more part of the story. Killing the mysterious phoenix and watching it rise from its ashes might be a good source here.

For the research, ask the player to be more creative. Creating longevity rituals for people highly associated with some Art might be in order; specialists, mundanes with suitable virtues....

I like Birbin's ideas about tying it up to more specific things, like V&F. A person with an Undine faerie blood might benefit from one way to incorporate Aquam as the main Art, while a totally different way is used to incorporate Aquam for the person with an astrological virtue or flaw related to the Moist signs.