Minor Breakthrough - Runes

Salve Sodalis!

Today i'm thinking up breakthrough ideas for my magus' apprentice. Although the apprentice isn't gauntleted yet, i want some future food for thought.

The apprentice has a focus in writings and runes and i want him to create some new ranges/durations/targets to do with this.

In particular (and this will sound familiar to those who cut their teeth on D&D) i want a to create magical symbols. Thi is the first one i want to try.

Target - lesser Rune, the spell is stored in the rune until it can be discharged. Once discharged the rune fades away. The spell is discharged whenever anyone touches the rune. The spell then takes effect on the person that touched it as if it were an individual target spell targeting the toucher.

This target is like a much more limited watching ward. Its more powerful in that it doesn't require a ritual, but weaker in that as a spell target option rather than a meta magic spell, you'd have to invent every spell you want to use with the new range. The trigger mechanism also can't be linked to other intellego magics and is less flexible than the basic watching ward.

Let me know what you think.

Also if anyone can think of any new ranges/targets/durations involving runes then let me know.

The main drawback with Runes , is that they are an Arcane Connection to the caster , iirc.
Up to what magnitude spell can be placed in a Lesser Rune?
Can you make the Rune invisible , or disguise it with standard hermetic spells?
Are they mobile? That is , can be placed on a movable object.
What if you place a Lesser Rune on an arrowhead and shoot someone with it?

Arcane Wisdom
This is a link to a magic supplement for the DragonQuest RPG.
The College of Rune Magics is on page 10.
It may help supply some ideas , but the system is not readily compatible with Ars Magica.

Ancient Magic has a section on Rune Magic by Erik Dahl (Kudo to Erik!) that you might find interesting Gribble. Otherwise, consider pulling out HoH:MC as I think the Merinita Mysteries have some Folk Magic Mysteries that use Symbol as a new Range/Duration/Target parameter.



Speaking of which, in another thread, the defixio magic duration of Event from AnM or Condition magic from HoO:MC might achieve the same thing. You might find inspiration for your own duration from them.

I also think the rules for charged items could be used to a similar effect, if you'd like to use something without having to make a breakthrough. The downside of course being the need for a lab and season :wink: