Mirror of Opposition (Vim)

Is there any examples of how this Vim version of the spell works?
I am having a failure of the imagination.

No comment, just curious to get updates about this.

The crucial parts are that it has to be cast on another spell while it is being cast, and
"The effects of the inversion are up to the storyguide to determine, but the target of the inverted spell usually remains the same as that of the original spell. The inverted spell cannot overcome any limitations of Hermetic magic."

Say someone is attempting to cast a spell and use "Shroud magic" at the same time. An annoying magus decides to cast "Mirror of Opposition(Vim)" on the "Shroud magic", so instead of it masking the original sigil, it greatly exaggerates the caster's sigil so it is unmistakeable.

Say Magus A attempts to cast a lower level version of "The Enigma's Gift" (CrVi 20) on Magus B - this lower level version inflicts two warping points, and Magus A is trying to put his opponent into Twilight. Magus B cast "Mirror of Opposition(Vim)" on it. The exact opposite effect could be:

  1. the spell bounces back on A (as that would be one way of the spell having the opposite effect)
  2. it could do the opposite effect to inflicting two warping points.

However, as Mirror of Opposition cannot break hermetic limits, it cannot affect the limit of Warping and therefore removing warping points is impossible, so 2) is not allowed, therefore I would rule 1 is the best "opposite effect"

What if Magus A casts "Demon's Eternal Oblivion" on a demon, but Magus B is secretly an infernalist and tries to cast "Mirror of Opposition(Vim)"? This gets difficult, but as giving Might to spirits generally required Vis, I would probably redirect the spell or have Magus A become convinced the spell fails in a glowing halo and perhaps their suspected demon isn't a demon after all...


Granting Demons might score does not seem to require vis. See Fanning the Infernal Flame on p121 of RoP:I.

This guideline under Creo Vim would be appropriate for sure:
• Restore a demons Might Pool by (the level of the spell + 10), as long as the spell penetrates
its Magic Resistance. [RoP:TI p.121]

Seems to me that an other option in this situation would be a Wind of Mundane Silence-like effect targeting the caster of DEO. Something that disables their magic completely or partially (e.g. Perdo Vim or any Perdo) for duration Sun if the SG is feeling mean or Diameter otherwise.

Whether or not that would also extend to their Parma and Form defenses is up to discretion as well.