Missing Mutant Schticks?

I have version 1.4.1 of the Core rules from DTRPG.

As I'm going through the character templates and I'm noticing some missing schticks, I don't see the missing info in any of the errata. I'm sure I'm just overlooking where they are.

Things I can't find are: "Mushy Head", "Reactive Epidermis", "Shift Coordinates", "Titanium Mind". The Gene Freak has "Shift Coordinates" twice.

I saw a thread on RPG.net, from 2016, that says just ignore them?

Is that still the thing to do?

Thank You

Maybe you could read this thread. Perhaps it's a answer to your question? (I'm not sure).

Thank you for that!

Looks like the answer was "they're a mistake":

"I got a similar response from Cam Banks about the Cyborg's schticks. If it's listed in "Awesomeing Up" but doesn't exist in the book, it's a mistake and shouldn't be there.

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There are several mis-matched or orphaned like this, across the various categories. I would recommend any GM new to the system to take a look through the Awesoming Up sections of the Archetypes their players chose, compare that to the Schtick chapters, and customize/correct the lists before the first time your PCs "level up". I feel that being proactive about this sort of thing is far better than being blindsided in the middle of your first Advancement.

For example: I have a Ghost and a Supernatural Creature in my campaign, and I remember noticing that there were Creature Powers written up in the rulebook out that didn't show up on either of their awesoming-up lists, and other Creature Powers that were on their lists but did not have write ups in the rulebook.

Because the Ghost has access to both Creature Powers and Sorcery, I found that it was useful to add a few new Schticks to the Supernatural Creature's list, so that it wasn't a case of one PC having 10 things to choose from and the other PC having those exact same 10 things available plus 20 more. It just didn't feel fair as-written, and was also a bit of a shame to have some interesting Creature Powers buried and unavailable in the rulebook. I don't necessarily expect my campaign to run so long that they'd really need more than 10 level-ups, but I think it's nice if each player/Archetype can have something uniquely their own.

There were also a few listed in the Creature Powers section that seemed pointless... such as damage-boosting schticks that were inferior to the base damage the Creature Archetype already does by default. So GMs may want to do a little gardening.

If I recall correctly, there were also many Sorcery Schticks that didn't appear on Ghost's advancement list... but I didn't look exhaustively at the other magic-type characters (Sorceror, Magic Cop, etc) to see if another Archetype had access to them. Given that we know the Mutant, Cyborg, and Creature sections had these sort of mismatches, I suspect the problem runs through all the schtick sections.

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