modern person in ars magica?

You misunderstand. I wasn't referring to the books in game. I was referring to the rulebooks. Those are big books of rules.

I don't buy it. The game rules models many things that are not easily quantifiable. Like a swordfight or the creation of actual in-game art. It's your game but the application of empirical research to Magic is a bit of an open question in the setting. See the debate between the Aristotelian and Platonists from A&A.

what would happen if the person in question brought with them (from their home time of course) a bunch of video game books or even video games themselves?


spell related to this subject-wormhole!
perdocorpus(all)50(I think that perdo controls movement)
the effect is to allow instant movement between different planets!
what do you think?

Rego controls movement, not Perdo.

Also, nixed by the limit of the Lunar Sphere.

I think whether an understanding of the scientific method would help or hurt the understanding of magic would depend, once again, on the person being brought into the ars magical world. Professional debunkers would probably find magic completely incomprehensible on any level, believing the whole thing to be self delusion and fraud. Someone with a high school understanding of science would probably get a slight bonus just from a basic familiarity with laboratory techniques that would be unusual in a medieval world. An engineer or research scientist, who are accustomed to the idea of field adjustments would probably do fairly well. Someone whose work is more routine like working in a commercial lab doing blood work would probably have more difficulty.

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rpgers probably would have a edge in ars magica as well as they would have the basic idea behind the spell casting system & could probably have some spell ideas as well!

If they already know the system, sure, but that would be like saying an entity which knows the design specs to our universe would have an edge in science.

another modern or if you wish distant future person in ars magica question.
how would a klingon (or Klingon wanabe) react to the ars magica setting?



Lets be frank, probably better than they would to the modern world. After all, the magic means there's fantastic beasts to prove oneself against, and there's honourable warrior types to fight. Ok, most of them are a bit puny, but they fight and die in battle, rather than running in terror. Most of the time.

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how would Klingons act if they had the gift tho?

How would you tell?

"Join or die" sounds almost as much a Klingon statement as it does House Flambeau's unofficial message to most powerful hedge wizards.

Perhaps today is a good day to die.


It's alright, I don't think abe has read any of the Ars Magica books, not even the free 4th ed pdf.

He doesn't let things like the system, or the rules get in the way of an idea he saw in a movie somewhere.

this spell speeds up the target up to three times it's speed!
RegoCorpus (animal) 10
what do you think?

I think it is in the wrong thread, it should be the thread for abe's ideas since it has nothing to do with a modern person in Ars Magica.