Mook Masher

I saw this freeware pocket PC program for Feng Shui called Mook Masher Deluxe 2. ... g-2-0.html

Has anyone tried it? And, is there anyway to get this program to run on a regular PC?

Hi there,

Indeed this looked like a handy tool. Would have been great to have a version at the gaming table, but alas, I couldn't get it working on a PC.
An I-Phone version would be particulary handy. :slight_smile:

Still, a good old A4 sheet made up to keep track of shots does the trick for us. I suppose it also keeps us away from this nastly creep towards all pen and paper RPG's having at least some electronic gaming aid. Eventually we'll all just be playing some version of an MMO. :smiley:

Not me however, I hate them! You just can't seem to get the same humour/distractions/junk food/angry wifes/randomness online.

Pen and Paper till I die!!! (So not that long then).