Mooks and Schticks

One thing I've been wondering about: can Mooks actually have Schticks?

I've been thinking about Ghost or Cyborg Mook Hordes, and think they should have certain features that distinguish them from normal Mooks. And actually it seems unnamed characters only follow special rules in respect to damage. So rock on, or did I miss something?

AFAIK/IIRC there are several examples of mooks having schticks. In some cases they are "elite mooks" like SWAT or Hand-Monks, sometimes just normal mooks like the monsters in the basic book.


[color=darkblue]I'm a big fan of giving mooks some more punch in the game. I mean, they're basically fodder anyway, may as well make them amusing.

I have no problem giving some mooks schticks. Certainly gives them personality, a boost, and freaks out the PCs a bit. Especially if they PCs are infiltrating an enemy hideout or something; the closer they get to the Big Bad Guy or a Major Plot Point, I'll toss in some mooks with a little schtick action just to liven things up.

Unnamed Abominations with Inevitable Comeback, for instance. That's always fun. Heck, if you like robots, I enjoy I.C. with those babies. Think Terminator... that thing just kept comin' and comin'...