what would be the effect & from boneses be for moonstone?

I've never liked making these because I don't think I'm good at arbitrary modifiers, but here goes:

+5 Effect Dreams
+4 Protect True Love
+2 Enhance Love

It seems Moonstone has elements that encourage fertility but this seems covered indirectly be Protect/Enhance Love.

I'd love to hear opinons as I feel I never attribute appropriate stats to items.

Hey , is that you Abraham Ray? :mrgreen:

+07 Affect Non-Divine Marriage
Regular Hermetic Magic cannot affect the Sacrament of Marriage.
Triple Bonus if a pair of Moonstone Rings are enchanted at the same time for a particular couple.

+05 Affect Insanity

yes it is I,sorry but I am have never been very good at remembering rule of this sort,lack of in game knowledge,so I ask a LOT of obvious questions!

in game terms how is amethysts handled?

Abe, it's very clear that your were AbRay at the previous forum. I will never ask you to not post, but I will continue to ask you to do your own fair share of work.

My last post included a link to a page that details gems. Why don't you go to that page and look up the answer for yourself.

This is a very handy website! As long as my copy of The Curious Lore of Precious Stones has to be in storage, I am happy to use this one! :wink:

Thanks for the link

Lets revive a few of the oldest Abe threads for any newer members who may want to contribute. :slight_smile:

Here I origially thought Abe was spamming but this it pathetic Ravenscroft.

You extend one hand.
Bring your thumb closer to your index finger, until firm contact is made with the gem. Lift hand, and gem follows. Thinking that you have acomplished something, the gem slips from your fingers....
You raise the impudent digit at the gem, and scream .

Seriously abe,

See [size=150]PAGE 110 AM5[/size]
If you can't find page 110, let us know. If you can't find the book that page 110 is in, then ask. I am certain that someone can tell you where to find the book in question.
ISBN number is 1-58978-070-1