More Gun Work

I crunched some more numbers yesterday plugging in the 3G's Nexus/FS conversion formulas in to the guns from More Guns.

During my crunching I converted the M1A1 The stats meshed up with the FS book ones, except for capacity.
The actual gun uses 20 round clips or 50 round ammo drums.

Converting the Uzi and Mini Uzi netted more ammo capacity problems from what is in the FS book. The Uzi and Mini Uzi are 20, 25 or 32 clip capacity guns.
When you plug in the equation from 3G that convets Muzzle Energy to a 3G DV (Damage Value) that is then used to generate a FS damage value the Uzi is a technicaly an 11 Damage gun while the Mini-Uzi is a 10 Damage one. But that isn't something to worry about as FS doesn't worry about real world balistics in determining dammage.

2 fun weapons from 3G that I converted are the Witheriesta (9mm) and the Fairy Luck (2mm). These are guns that never existed from More Guns. (More Guns has a chapter of weapons from alternate realities in it.) They were made by the Faery of an alternate dimension when SS troopers from an alternate Earth invaded the Faery realm. Both are made of "mithral" or sme other metal that doesn't harm creatures affected by iron.

The Witheriesta is a Faery knock off of a Lugar.

Witheriesta (9mm)
Dam:10 Capacity: 8+1 Concealabilty: 3

Fairy Luck is a SMG made for use of pixies, gnomes, and other small Faery. Actual weapon mass is 31.8g loaded, and 29.5g unloaded.
Fairy Luck (2mm)
Dam: 3 Capacity: 50 Concealabilty: 1

Just drop them into the Netherworrld if you want to use the gun in FS.

My final 3G conversion was the M1911A1 (.45ACP) stats converted very close to the ones in the FS book, but 33G gave it a damage of 9. The 10 damage could be gotten with the 3G conversion if you use a better tech level of powder (3G uses tech levels).

I'm thinking of working on the Armscour MGL (40mm) next or something else that is a heavy weapon.

I'm also thinking, I'm going to have to look seriously at all the guns in the FS rule boook as I keep spotting something that needs to be fixed with them. Most of the current corrections that I've compiled were from the old FS mailing list.

Comments are welcomed and appreciated.