Mortals and Warping Score

So after rereading the second on warping in the core book, it seems that mortals don't die when they hit warping score 10, just add more flaws. Is this correct? I ask because I am making a story based on a powerful magical item that was original designed to be only worn as needed, and was lost hundreds of years ago, and fell into the hands of a thief. He has taken to wearing it all the time and has accumulated a very high warping score over the 10 or so years he has had the device in his possession. He gets around 5 points a year just for wearing it and more for every time it's other powerful spells are used, which are quite frequent. So assume between 15-25 points a year. That places him somewhere between warping 7 and warping 10. Which means lots of flaws, I see him as being warped so much that he is almost inhuman which is why he has hit the players radar.

Correct. A mundane can, in principle, have an arbitrarily high Warping Score. After the score has reached 5 (yielding 2 minor Flaws and 1 minor Virtue), every time it increases by 1 the mortal gains one more Major Flaw. So if a mortal managed to gain, say, 50 Warping points/year, after 21 years he would have a Warping Score of 20, having gained 1 minor Virtue, 2 minor Flaws, and fifteen Major Flaws. Obviously, having a lot of Major Flaws tends to make long-term survival difficult...

After his 3rd major flaw, give him Might, that's a big flaw, with respect to advancement, anyway.

Yes. This is why the Redcaps are the secret masters of the Order of Hermes, and Europe...... :wink:.