Mostre in Transylvania

On the map of the Transylvania tribunal in Against the Dark, there is a hermetic site, Mostre, in Bosnia. I can't find that name in any of the text of the book. My best guess is that that is the name of the Mercere trading post in Vrhbosna, but that hardly seems worthy of inclusion on the map of the tribunal. Is there something I am missing?

This is kinda important to me because it is by far the closest site to the location where I am planning on having my players site an oppida, in the valley of the Upper Neretva, which I have declared by fiat to be an allod between Bosnia and Serbia. Incidentally, if anyone has any suggestions of cool stuff in that area I would appreciate it, but really I just want to figure out what on earth Mostre is.

thanks again :slight_smile:

I think "Mostre" means the city we call Mostar today. It´s the most important city in the small region Herzegowina and famous for their wonderful old bridge (=Stari Most) over the river Neretva. A very pleasant place!

I´m reading "Against the dark" just now and only know the first 50 pages. After reading the post of corneliusphi I searched the sourcebook about more information on "Mostre". I didn´t find anything (but maybe I didn´t look thoroughly enough). Where is written, what kind of hermetic site you can find there?


No book here yet, but might it be Mostar? It is a sadly famous town during the yugoslavian war.


Mostre was the site, in period, of a thing which in Ars I'm not allowed to call a University because that has a particular meaning, but is basically a "high academy", a school of higher education which medicine, theology, cosmology and ethics.

(Sometimes the research has lingered on the maps...I should get David's all clear to put up the working copy on my blog.)

As to where it is: it's in Mostre. The village is still called that today, and is on Google Maps.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

So was the intent that the academy at Mostre was associated with Scholomance or the Mercere? Did the related material get cut from the book but the hermetic site star for Mostre just wasn't removed from the maps? At any rate, thanks for clearing up something that has really been bugging me.