I'm translating Ars Magica for my non-English speakin' group.

I was wondering what exactly does the term Wizards March means (being "marched," it's like the culprit was (originally) expelled/exiled? or more akin to being "marked" (as in "branded") by the ordeal?


It's more like that a Dragons's Flight, the concept about begin and let the convenant to seize the conflict or to pursue the enemy.

Expelled is a good way to put it.

It's being renounced as a member of the Order of Hermes and declared an enemy. Any such declaration allows any and all Hermetic Magi to hunt the subject of a Wizard's March down and slay him without any concern of legal action by the Order. Further, the person who slays a renounced magus typically has claim to any and all Hermetic property of the dead magus.

I always assumed that "march" was originally used in "Wizard march" with the same meaning as in "the march of an army": in other words, a group of wizards advancing in a belligerent fashion. Very much like a "Wizard hunt" (where "Wizard" denotes the hunter, not the hunted), but less stealthy; a little like "Wizard walk", but a lot more menace thrown in.