Multiple casting

Hi everyone, I have yet another question...

I have seen that you can Master "Multiple Casting" in Formulaic spells. The rule under the Mastery session doesn't refer to any special "roll" that must be made, apart from an eventual targeting roll if the SG wants to enforce it.

Is there something that I am missing there?

I have a spell that breaks bones on "touch" (PeCo), I wanted to master that as multicast so that I can do double damage if I feel I have to. All very nice, especially because being a touch spell targeting is really the person I have in front of me, but I was wondering if there were other rolls that I must make to cast the spells or if there is some sort of "malus" in using this mastery....

Thanks again for the help!

Hey there,
No, you didn't miss anything. You can indeed cast one additional copy of the spell per mastery score.
You don't need any additionnal roll or get any penalty for casting this additional spells except the risk of botching the subsequent casting roll, assuming you are in a stressful situation.

If you or your troupe find this spell mastery a bit overpowered you can always use a house rule to mitigate the strength of multiple casting.
Here's the house-rule we use:

You get a penalty to your casting total equal to the magnitudes of the spells you already casted.

Example: You use a perdo corpus spell to create a medium wound on someone with a simple touch. It is a level 15 perdo corpus spell.
Let's assume you developed a mastery score of 2 with this spell so you can opt to cast it 3 times in a single round.
1st casting : no penalty
2nd casting : -3 penalty (equal to the magnitude of the spell)
3rd casting : -6 penalty

This house-rule is no too penalizing but gives a little bit of a choice to the caster. Additionally you can add 1 botch dice per previous casting if the caster rolls a 0.

Hope that helps.

I used a straight -3 per previous spell. I think i like yours better.