Multiple Enchanted Devices in a Single Season

My player wants to create two devices in a season. They are seperate device based on different materials. He wants to calim the material bonuses from both projects (+5 from aloe for project A, +3 from rock crystal on project B).

I'm not sure how I feel about this, and couldn't find anything on it in the rules. Is it legit?

Plus, how easy would it be for a magus in Provencal to get Aloe in late 12th c.?

The rules-as-written (pg 102 in Ars5, "Multiple Laboratory Activities") allow for doing two different laboratory projects in the same season as long as they have the same form and technique. I take it that this is the case for these two projects?

The rules-as-written don't, however, talk about shape and material bonuses. I would be inclined to allow your player take the lowest set of shape and material bonuses from any of his projects, but I can't find anything official to go on.

No idea on that one.

Lesser of the two lab totals.

Me too! Me too!

lowest set of shape and material bonuses.

And no idea on aloe.

The limit is Magic Theory Score.
If he is doing two projects , one that gets a +05 and one that gets a +03 ,
as long as he has an MT Score of 08 , each project gets it's bonus.

Interesting. Is this in the books somewhere?

Hildegard's Healing Plants : From Her Medieval Classic Physica (Paperback)

If you check the table of contents ... eader-page
Aloe is listed.

There is a S&M example on page 97 of the core rules.
And page 99 , Instilling the Effect.

One could argue that if he is doing 02 separate items ,
that he could use the S&M bonus for each item up to his MT Score.

I see what you're saying but there's another way to interpret it.

The magus when performing multiple laboratory activities in a season must split his lab total between the tasks. The form and material bonuses come from different lab totals. Getting bonuses for all items hardly seems consistant with splitting the total. I believe adding the smaller of the bonuses or no bonus to the lab total before splitting it is more consistant with the spirit of the rules.

(I'm not sure how I'd do it in a game I was running, I've always thought that the multiple activities rules were a bit too harsh.)

Hiya all,
I know this topic is a little old, but I have an idea about it that I am working on with my SG.

My character wants to invest 4 identical jugs, each with the same effects. The way I calculated it was that each jug would have a form and effect bonus.

I removed the f/e bonus from the lab total completely and applied it seperately. So each jug has +5 towards its lab total. The lab total of aura, arts etc. is then divided by 4 and added to each item.

4 jugs of level 10 (20 points) effect needs a lab total of 80 (4 * 20)
4 jugs of level 10 with their own f/e (15) needs a lab total of 60 (4*15)

He is still debating the issue, but to me it seems logical that you would get the effect per item you are enchanting.

It sure seems not to be covered, as the rules about Multiple Lab Activities say
"to perfom multiple activities, simply add up the levels of all activities performed and apply you Lab Total to the total of the levels."

S&M bonuses add to your Lab Total, not the level of the effect, and you can use a number of items equal to your Magic Theory, the bonus can't exceed your MT, plus of course the limit of twice yout MT to vis used in a season.

I would say within these limitations, you can use whatever Form and Effect Bonuses you want. If you had 10 discreet Ambers (+3 Corpus) you wanted to enchant, and your MT was 5, could actually enchant 5 of them, and your Lab Total Bonus would be 5.

The only problem I see with this is someone wanting to put a bunch of Ambers on one item to get multiple bonuses. This I don't think I'd allow, but I'd have to give it more thought. Do I prefer a reason to have a staff "ringed with amber" or have a single amber gem, and an Axe charm glued to it for someone to get the maximum bonus.

I agree that adding the same effect to the same item over and over again can't happen. You add amber to your staff, no-matter how much you add, you only get the bonus once.

However the s&m bonus is something that is inherent in the item itself. If you are using the fact that a container can create things within it, then it should apply to every container.

The size of the bonus you can use depends on your MT or Phil score as per the rules.