Muse + Enticer of multitude

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Do the Muse (HoH:S) and Enticer of multitude (RoP:I) stack ? Meaning a character with those two virtues may force other characters to do personality traits rolls with a +10 bonus whenever the suggested act is sinful ?

It looks a bit powerful...

Neither HoH:S p.56 Muse nor ArM5 p.42 Free Expression modify personality traits directly.

Do you ask, whether the combination of ArM5 p.44 Inspirational and RoP:TI p.85 Enticer of Multitudes should be allowed? Since Enticer of Multitudes is "a version of the Inspirational Virtue that can only be used to manipulate people toward evil acts", I advise against that.


I'd like to note I stated up a Dark Muse over here: ... ic-europe/


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FWIW, LeGuin beat Nozick to it in The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, though her critique of utilitarianism comes from the opposite direction.



It must be a mistake in the French version of HoH:S because it does state Muse can grant or double the "Exaltation" Virtue, which is the French translation for the "Inspirational" Virtue in the core rulebook.

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The English version says "Free Expression."