Muto Corpus for glowing ability - possible without ignem?

The animal requisite is "free". It is cosmetic.


Cosmetic effects don't require requisites, but that doesn't mean that the troupe can't decide that a particular cosmetic effect does need a requisite. This is an example of how the troupe could make that decision. And as Xavi notes this requisite is "free", in the sense that it doesn't add a magnitude.

The only case I can accept the use the Animal requisite if the spell uses an animal ability. But in this case you cannot create a similar spell on the name 'the eye of the assassin' or such because nightvision isn't a natural ability for humans.

Maybe it seems a nitpicking attitude for a level 5 spell but the magi are able to use this effect in greater dimension.

Which is why the spell is Muto. If it were a natural ability, you could get it with Creo.