MuVi Realm change

Hi all,

At which level would you set these?

InVi to view magical realm effects > View Infernal
ReVi ward vs Magical > vs Infernal

All other parameters remain the same. Is it superficial, significant, Total change or even more?


I thought InVi infernal spells are useless because demons can trick you.

Yes, but You can sense another Infernal creatures like Demon's Children, Infernal Beast and Infernalists; and the Infernal Ghosts are argueable if not or yes (or it can be a houserule).

The Guideline must be the second one from Muto Vim base guidelines, You don't change the effect, but you change the effect really.

You can also detect an infernal aura if there is not a demon hiding it.

The search function is your friend. :wink:

Ha! Tried looking through the results of MuVi but there where so many!

Thanks all for the input.

I think that I'm landing on the middle level but specific type.

InVi 30 - Per | Conc | Touch | - Aura Reading (Magic)
While under the effect of this spell, you feel the properties of a magical aura. You can learn of it’s alignments and of if it has any other quirks toward one type of magic or another. The information present themselves in waves and distorted as if being communicated by ghosts from beyond the veil. Sometimes, striking events that helped shape the aura into its form, come in flashes in the form which is most appropriate. Death, for example, feels cold while love, feels warm.
(Per +0 | Conc +1 | Touch +1 | Base 20 (Learn the magical properties of an Aura)

MuVi 30 - Touch | Mom | Ind | - Eyes of Oberon (Faerie)
This effect can be used to align InVi effects that are aligned to investigate the magical realm, toward the Fey's so long as the InVi effect is no greater than level 30. As usual, the caster must roll Int + Concentration roll of 9+ to successfully cast the spell, can only affect spells cast himself due to the short range and will only work on hermetic, formulaic effects that are not cast in ceremonial.
(Touch +1 | Mom +0 | Ind +0 | Base 30 (General Significant change - Level +1)

I'm still hesitant to have the Technique restriction but it feels right.


How you got that base? The Base is 4 to algnement, I can figure out than you increase the information, not?

Vim guidelines tend to be few and vague. Imported the above one from the InTe ones (Learn the magical properties of an object). Strictly following the InVi guidelines, it would be a Base 5 for Active magic + 3 mag for extra information, alignments being one of them. But that would allow to see all active magics while I prefer just focusing on the Aura & its properties. Base 20 seemed like a fair base.

The MuVi effect would allow to gather details about faerie auras...


I know, but anyway; I would say than "magical properties" about one aura is easier with Vim than with Terram, just because that is the function from Vim.
But the Base 4 (alignement), +3 extra information works well I must admit. If you are only searching for aalignement and other things I would low to only base 4, +1 to extra information; on my opinion.