My Feng Shui Core Rules Fell Apart =(

It was bound to happen, I've had them for like fifteen years and they were not used exactly but had some amount of shelf wear when I got them, and I've carted them around in a bag and flipped through pages back and forth, copied things, etc. for all this time. So... I've had to do something I HATE doing to any of my books, and my RPGs especially, I had to just hack Feng Shui to pieces.

And put it in plastic, of course. It took about 130 sheet protectors and a 1.5" ring binder, with the protectors averaging $1.50 per 25 and the binder being $2.25, so about $11.00 with tax total, for the new "body" to hold the "soul" of Feng Shui.

Nice! With luck it will last another decade or two.

Hi, thanks for the reply, boss!

That's the hope, yep, to continue its existence in a new sleeker, more durable casing, although the protectors I bought are a strange species of side-loaders, they still seem solid otherwise, and the book itself, in its new incarnation, is heavier and bulkier, it is most certainly easier to find in a flap bookbag, and it has inside pockets to put thin folders and sheets of paper and such - it's kind of like a Monstrous Compendium except it has cybernetically enhanced Abominations and martial arts asskickery instead of Rust Monsters and fireball blast radii. And the rules are about one twentieth as face-meltingly complicated.