My house rules

[color=green]Character creation for my upcomming game is this commng Wednessday. Before I drown my players with details I'd like to have your feedback on my proposed set of house rules. What do you use that I haven't listed? Have you used any of these and run into problems?

All ring/circle ward spells are level 15. A ward that does not penetrate the target’s magic resistance will not effect the target.

Aegis of the Hearth does not need to penetrate in order to function.

Tremere magi may have a second magical focus in addition to their certamen focus.

Books will be created using the rules in the covenants book with the following alteration to the quality determination box located on the top of page 88. Al books will have a base quality of communication +3 and may receive bonuses for a skilled scribe, bookbinder, and illuminator. Books regarding magical topics will receive a one point penalty to quality if they do not utilize resonant materials (no quality bonus is gained by the use of resonant materials).

Enchanted devices of all kinds receive a penetration bonus of +1 per additional level of power enchanted into the item rather than +2.

A mundane object that has not been magically altered in shape or substance (but could be altered in some other way such as appearance, temperature, creo vim magic stink, etcetera) and that is not moved by any magical force will not be kept away from the caster by parma magica. Instead the parma will deform elastically around the object. Thus the parma still exists between the object and the magus and effects such as the object being exceedingly hot, the object weeping poison, or the object growing spikey bits will be resisted.

Chiurgion's Healing Touch and similar spells may, in addition to healing a wound may reduce the severity of wounds. Chiurgion’s Healing touch may reduce the severity of any wound by one level. A similar spell designed to heal medium wounds would reduce any wound by two levels in severity.

Rules for movement in combat will be adapted from 4th edition or D&D (we’ll discuss it later based on what you folks want).

I'm sure you thought of a lot of what I'm gonna say, but I'm gonna say it anyways.

Interesting. So they affect creatures regardless of Might, if they penetrate? Essentially, you're saying warding anything is a 3rd magnitude effect. Wouldn't that create a problem, such as that Ward Against Faeries of Water will be just as hard as Ward Against Faeries (all faeries)? Granted, one is ReAq and one is ReVi, but still I would think some things should be easier than others.
Needing Might+15 to ward, as opposed to the core Might x 2, will actuallly make warding HARDER against low-Might (10 or 5) opponents, yet EASIER against high-Might (20+) opponents. I'm not sure I like the fact that you now need a 20 casting roll to ward against a Might 5 creature (previously a more modest 10 would have sufficed).

I agree with this one, although I never implemented it (yet). It's a good idea to allow Tremere experts to be good at their topic of interest, rather than mediocre.

Have you examined the errata on this issue? It's essentially the first part of your ruling.
You've essentially lowered the quality of all your created books by about -4. Unless you assume all Hermetic books use resonant materials, which is an image I am personally not very comfortable with (resonant materials should be special), or your magi live in a particularly rich covenant (that can afford highly skilled scribes, illuminators, and binders).

Still unsure about that.

I find that the lack of movement rules actually works great. I get to do things more "story-based" instead of "position-based".
If you do adapt d20 movement rules, you might want to consider adapting Attacks of Opportunity as well. They make a huge difference to tactics.

Now a few rules from the online saga I play in:

The core rules regarding studying while injured don't make sense in light of the rules for missing time from the lab.

A common and good ruling.

No comment necessary.

A ruling on this would be necessary if magi cooperate in your saga.

The rules as written require a Leadership of 2 to use both your familiar and a lab assistant (such as an apprentice). This ruling seems to be what the rules meant to say, and makes much more sense.

The Gift as presented in ArM5 has a strong social effect. Most sagas like to downplay its impact; this ruling allows one to do so in a roundabout manner.
I don't particularly like it, but I think it's original so you might want to hear about it.


[color=darkblue]Tremere magi gain the Puissant Certamen merit

Puissant Certamen: Allows to add +2 to one of the totals within one round of certamen combat. You are thus from house Tremere.

[color=green]Charged Items cannot have any modified effects & thus do not have any penetration

Lesser items cannot have more level of modified effect than the level of the spell effect.

Major items, as per core book.

I'd use these.