My mind is playing tricks on me.

Does the Flaw "Low self Esteem" prevent the accumulation of Hubris for a Verditius? I'm sure I read it somewhere that it did but I cannot find it.


To the best of my knowledge there is no such rule in any of the official books.

The only way to avoid accumulating Hubris is to avoid doing the things that give you Hubris.

Actually, there is a potential trick, but it's not that. Start with Dispassionate instead. Now, the rules will come into conflict, so it could be ruled either way.

Overall, the conflict probably favors Dispassionate because Hubris tells you how it increases, but I don't recall it ever saying anything about a cap. Dispassionate places a cap rather than disallowing increases in general. So allowing Hubris to increase up to a cap placed on it by Dispassionate seems to be the result. But I could certain see ruling against it.

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The best way to not get Hubris? Don't get any Verditius Inner House Mysteries...

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Or just that, stopping right there :smile:

Heigh ho.

I have noticed that all the characters I have made are very into making things (Other players have pointed this out to me), but I have always resiled from Verditius because of the Hubris. Low self esteem would be a painful way to get out of it, but I thought it would be worth it.

Thanks people!