My Saga: Coeris, Diedne, and the Magic Realm

So, I have a Bonisagus who wants to be Prima of her house. Really wants it, so bad she can taste that Major Ambition flaw when she focuses on it. Unfortunately, due to her late arrival (she is a second char, after my first bought the metaphorical farm) and her relatively young age, she is not seriously in the running for the position. She has a lot of Social Contacts and is quite popular within her House, but she just doesn't have enough Research under her belt or Bonisagus Prestige, and once worse, she has Infamous Master (Parens was a complete crackpot).

And so, she needs some way to distinguish herself as a researcher, garner Vis and silver to for bribes and other political goings-on, and needs something audacious enough that she'll stand out from the pack. I have an idea, but I need to know if there's any chance it would actually work.

Recently, our group found an unstable reigo that provided (indirect) access to the magical realm. The problem is, the portal is one way (it can take you there, but not back) in addition to simply being unstable. Our group became trapped there and had an Oddessy like adventure where we eventually found our way home. Unfortunately, the route we used to get home was rendered inoperative in our escape attempt. Since our group has no idea Twilight Travel even exists, they believe our portal to the Magic Realm to now be useless, and have generally dropped the matter.

My idea is to pitch this to the head of House Tremere as a research project. Our group has encountered Hermetic Architecture before, and so is aware of it's Reigo-Altering properties (though no one in the group actually has the virtue or the slightest idea how it works). The idea is that Coeris provides help, additional Magi, and resources with which the virtue can be researched anew. With it, the portal to the Magic Realm might be stabilized and let Coeris reap all the benefits therein.

The kicker is, in exchange for providing this significant service, my character wants permission to undertake a very special research project -- rediscovering the secrets of Diedne spontaneous magic and integrating them into hermetic theory. Obviously, no one would dare attempt this project for fear of the Tremere crushing them like bugs, but if she could secure Coeris's approval (And it's oversight, so they can vet that she is not actually a Diedne sympathizer) she is capable of it. It would be a shocking breakthrough that, combined with Hermetic Architecture and all the info she would gain about the Magic Realm, would make her a shoe-in for the position.

Of course, on the other hand, the Primus of House Tremere might just kill her the moment the word "Diedne" leaves her mouth. Does this plan have any hope?

Well, I must say I like the idea of persuading the Tremere of all people to help discover the lost secrets of the Diedne.

But I think I'd do the ground work first and try to find out what traditions the Diedne originally came from. Sure, they carried strong spontaneous magic with them, but from where, and how? If you can isolate those older traditions, pointing out only that they are extinct, then the Diedne connection could be revealed... a little later?

The politician in me would also look for a credible threat to the Order or House Tremere and look for ways in which the research could help the Order and/or the House to weather the storm or combat that threat. Of course, it doesn't have to be a real one, just a convincing one.

It depends just how ambitious a Bonisagus you have and what you see her story arc being. If she's intended to burn bright, cause a stir and ultimately come crashing down amid chaos and recriminations then you can be as corrupt as you like. If you'd like to play her longer term and try to attain and retain a certain position, you'd need to be a little more circumspect, at least to the level that the troupe will enjoy her story in the longer term.

IMO, yes, because if you can teach the secrets of Diedne, then you prove that the Diedne demand for secrecy, indeed their requirement for secrecy, was not fundamanetal to their magic. It was, therefore a lie, and was being used to cover up something.

Or you might learn the secret and find out it really does require you to kill prisoners, or if not require, that there is distinct mechanichal advantage from it, ir that it is Cthonic, or masks Cthonic magic. Again, for the Tremere that's a win.

And if it does need a secret, then that means they can permananetly destroy it by exposing the secret: also a win if the Diedne ever come back.

I can see this as a goer.