Mystery Cult Question


I have juste one question...

Is the boik House of Hermes : Mystery Cults for the 5th Edition.. Number product tell me yes but i'm not sure of it.

Yes this book is for fifth edition. All Ars Magica Books published after September of 2004 have been for fifth edition (officially Fallen Fane was as well, but it is a systemless book).

All fifth edition books have a white-ish (light tan) cover. Books with a reddish brown cover are for fourth edition.

there is a fifth edition product list here

here is a list of products that Atlas has published/carried from previous editions.

Yes: 5th Ed has divided the 12 Houses into 3 books of 4 Houses each, according to the 3 classes of House defined on p.11 ArM5:

  1. Houses of heremes: True Lineages AG0277 - for the 4 Houses of parens-to-filius lineage: Bonisagus, Guernicus, Mercere & Tremere

  2. Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults AG0281 - for the 4 Houses which are run as (large!) Mystery Cults, and which formally practice Initiation as part of the House magic: Bjornaer, Criamon, Merinita & Verditius

  3. Houses of Hermes: Societates AG0285 (coming soon! (April)) - for the 4 Houses which are common-associations of like-minded magi - Ex Misc, Flambeau, Jerbiton & Tytalus

of course, if you are interested in Mystery stuff - initiation, cults etc, then you also want "The Mysteries: Revised Edition" AG0279

And are also reckognisable on their great quality, inside those covers, not that 4th wasn't good - 5th is just as good as it gets!! :smiley:

(having swept away by Ancient Magic and simultaneously having now been hit with an inflamation of the throat :imp: this increasingly diehard fan is packed away with blankets, tea, and C&G while also rediscovering several older 5th books... being sick was never this close to being sweet :smiling_imp: )

Lucky (fatherless child)...