Mythic and tragic characteristics


My question:
Why does the virtue add +1 (and -1 botch die) and the flaw add -3 (and +1 botch die)?

Why isn't it : +1 and -1 or +3 and -3 in the characteristic when the circumstance is fullfilled?

What the bloo-ming hel-icopter are you talking about?

(Seriously: Can you tell me what book and what page you are referring to. Thank you)

Never heasrd of tragic characteristics. If you are talking about those in the rulebook, they raise/lower the charavteristic to +/-5....

He is referring to the Heroic V&F's from True Lineages.

Ahhh, found it. Odd. Maybe sth to add to the list of errata?

The +1 version is more balanced (compare Improved Characteristics)

I disagree. I think they are exactly as they should be.

In general, a bonus is worth more than a penalty.
A mythic characteristic, you can do your best to always use (if you have mythic communication, always try to talk your way out of situations, etc.)
A tragic characteristic, you can try to avoid, so the penalty has to be more severe to balance it (if you have tragic strength, have a shield grog carry stuff for you, develop telekinetic spells, etc.)

This is why, for instance, you don't see a reverse of Puissant (Ability):
+2 to an Ability means you can use the Ability better than anyone else.
-2 in an Ability just means you don't bother with that Ability. If there was a negative, flaw version of Puissant (Ability), everyone that lived far from England would want un-Puissant Common Law, non-combatant types could take every single combat skill as non-Puissant and get almost all their virtue points that way, etc.

Not that the situation is exactly the same, but you can kind of see how just flipping the sign from + to - does not balance making a flaw version of a virtue.

Add the fact that without this -3 feature either the character isnt actually all that tragic (being only -1) OR they get 7 points of stat point to shove somewhere else which is probably of greater benefit.

As described above, it is much asier to say 'I just don't use this' and push as much of your weakness in that direction.

You can plan for your weaknesses much easier than you can force a situation to your strengths.

JM wrote nonsense. I must agree with eji and the kaiser.

Yes sorry, forget to say that it was in HOH TL :^^:.