Mythic blood and the golden race

What should I read if I where looking for a concept/back story/hermetic effect/minor flaw for a mythic blooded magus descending from the first race of the ancient golden age.

The sundered eagle is very sparse on it, though it names it as a good candidate for mythic blood on page 8.

There's really not that much ON it, since it comes from Greek Mythology and a lot of those sources are lost. The thing in Sundered Eagle is almost a direct quote from Hesiod's "Works and Days".
I'd look at the wikipedia entry on Golden Age and start from there.

I'm virtually certain I wrote the people of Bronze and People of Silver up for something... Presumably RoP M?

Indeed you did, and this post on games from folktales has some stats for magical humanoids of Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Oh, there's a Faerie version too

Ah! Thanks!

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