Mythic Blood inherited personality

Possibly a silly question whose answer I have overlooked.
As part of the Mythic Blood virtue, you automatically gain an inherited minor personality flaw from your ancestor. Does this count against the two Personality Flaws characters are allowed to choose?

I have often thought that a magician that starts a mythic bloodline, is one who managed to push the limits of his magic beyond the norm.
For instance, I could speculate that when the wizard who became Flambeau decided to focus of fire magics, he may have taught himself a magical focus in flames/fire.
And then there was the Terrae wizard Guernicus who was an expert focused in Terram magics, then re-invented himself as an expert in Intellego magics. If it were ever possible for a magus to have two magical focuses, I imagine Guernicus would be the prime candidate. Which leads to an odd speculation - if Guernicus had gotten two Magical Focus virtues, perhaps Mercere tried to do the same, and that is what broke his Gift.

But ignoring my weird speculations, I still half expect a character with the Mythic Blood virtue to be not quite as constrained by the RAW.

Unless he is for a one-off game, I would always advise against a character with three Personality Flaws: it would either cheapen Personality Flaws all over your game, or have the character grab too much SG attention when she prepares the adventure.
IME Mythic Blood tends to be very present to the troupe, thus getting the character a lot of attention even without three Personality Flaws.


It's hard enough to play two personality flaws. I would not advise to play three of them.

Or try this : you want a third personality flaw ? All right. But each time you don't play the three of them convincingly, you'll lose adventure experience points.
I guess you'll have no candidate for the challenge.

I would second what other posters have said.

The core book suggests at most three minor personality flaws for all PCs save grogs: "Most characters should not have more than one Minor Personality Flaw, lest they move from entertaining to profoundly irritating. Grogs may often be an exception to this" and "[A magus] should not take more than two Personality Flaws, and cannot take more than one Major Personality Flaw." Note the difference between should and cannot.

This obviously applies no matter what the source is; it also applies not only at character creation, but later on. You can deviate from the recommendation, but you really must make sure that you are not doing so by ignoring the flaws. From experience, playing a character with three Personality Flaws is hard, because they leave you too little room to maneuver, so to speak. Your character will end-up lacking nuance. The exception is a character who only makes very occasional appearances; a grog, or perhaps the magus of the alpha storyguide.


As you like it!

Mythic Blood tends not to be so great anyway, so I'd recommend doing what the player wants.

Nothing is lost if you even decide to let the player have a free flaw point for MB's personality flaw.




Plus it isn't hard to rp multiple personality flaws. Multiple Majors, yes. Also some "personality" flaws aren't personality, but internal struggles and story. Someone that's lecherous doesn't necessarily run around being obnoxious hitting on everyone every second of the day, unless major and even then... Someone that's wrathful doesn't just randomly scream at people or go off immediately, that's Fury which is a story flaw since it is an outward reaction. Lecherous, devout, and temperate(I think the one where the character doesn't indulge) can lead to that weird old guy that tells inappropriate jokes with creepy vibes. Or a character that never hits on anyone or mentions anything about the opposite sex, but self flagellates themselves in private to repent.

Complicated characters can be played and played well. They just add personality traits that can't be ignored by the player or Storyteller. I think these forums take umbrage with an st not able to screw up a character. As a general rule my recommendation is +-1 of any limit imposed in the books.

I don't actually want a 3rd Personality Flaw, I just couldn't tell if the RAW of Mythic Blood implied that 3 such flaws could occur.

My mage has the minor personality flaws Ambitious and Overconfident and a trait of "Weak -3". I am finding it is causing him to be occasionally psychotically nasty in a devious way.
After failing to impress the visiting Redcap, my mage blamed a grog in the turb. I have demoted the grog from the turb, but entrusted him on a mission to town. The turb are relieved that my mage was not petty enough to dish out terrible punishment. I was aiming for strong but fair. However, my mage has reason to believe that this grog that made him look weak, is heading towards possible arrest and/or death.

If that is how I deal with two minor personality flaws, I don't want three.

What? Why? You don't have the delusional flaw, nor any lack of empathy to be a psychotic. Ambitious and Overconfident, every top e sports, top chess player, top anything needs to be Ambitious to be the best. To be in the top 100 in the world at any endeavour, never the less the top 10 or 2.

Overconfidence is the bane of said people, causing them to overlook their own flaws and fail. Wants to be the best and has a tendency to think will always perform at optimum peak aptitude... so fails hard. This doesn't mean that they then blame others for their faults. After all your Magus is host, not the grog, if the grog failed it's the Magus that failed to train him or failed to place an appropriate person in charge.

Sounds like your magus is Callous +1 and Capricious +3. I assume the character lacks the Leadership skill, yes?

T Riffix Rex, it is indeed very hard to read another player's character sheet and derive from it the image that player has of the character, isn't it?
I reckon, that you didn't understand the "Weak -3" of lvgreen's magus, which read as "weak character" and paired with overconfidence can indeed lead to actions appearing to utterly lack empathy.


The personality trait of "Weak -3" is how I described my character's attempt to overcome an inferiority complex. The character's backstory has him repeatedly the victim of forces he wasn't strong enough to avoid - childhood bullies, Crusaders sacking Constantinople, older apprentices torturing him when their parens prosecute Wizard War on my character's parens (the pains of having an Infamous Master) **
His Ambition is to become strong, and well-respected in Hermetic circles. Strong enough that those tormenting apprentices will soil their robes remembering how they tormented him.
His Overconfidence because he won't admit, even to himself, that he is weaker than he wants to be.
The grog made him look weak and ineffective - must remove.

So yes, somewhat petty in a twisted way, but in all other ways the character refuses to be weak and petty.

** travelling long distance with my character's parens at beginning of apprenticeship. Bad weather had us stop off at a Redcap staging post to find the enemy magi waiting with preparations, paperwork, Quaesitor and witnesses. Only a couple of hours before nightfall of the rise of the full-moon.
While a lot more complexity, it can be boiled down to Parens tells apprentice to don't provoke anyone and contracts the Redcaps to deliver the apprentice, then leads his enemies away. The enemies also had apprentices with years more training who stayed behind, and bribed the Redcaps to delay delivery and look the other way.

At least that was the backstory my SG accepted.