[Mythic Blood Power] Fire of Revelation? How to build...

I've got a player starting tomorrow as a descendant of the Zoroastrian Magoi. He's got Mythic Blood, tied to his Zoroastrian Fire Worshiping roots. He wants some sort of mythic blood power that ties to wisdom, and the natural choice for duration seemed to be "Fire" as Mythic Blood powers are not limited to Hermetic target/range/durations....

I thought it might be cool to have a fire that makes the invisible visible, but I can't quite work out at this late hour the way to construct. The idea being that invisible spirits and ghosts within light of the fire could be seen and perhaps communicated with.

CrIm for restoration of image? ReIm? MuMe?


Hrm, and what of making it also reveal magically hidden beings, like faeries or magi?


Ok, found a level 15 guideline for making minds or spirits visible.

Tacking on Fire duration and target room seems to blow this thing up to a 45 level. Hrm...

I'm wondering if there's a cleverer approach that can fit into a level 30 power...


Range voice (anything that can hear the fire (so decently close, but still) and duration Sun makes it 35. I dunno how you'd cut it down some more though.


From what I know about real world Zoroastrianism, a deficiency with Ignem makes more sense than an ability.

This seems odd, since fire is important in Zoroastrianism. But fire is more than important: It's holy, and not meant to be put to profane use.



Thanks for the tip.

I'm not inclined to tell the player that his character is wrong, and he needs to make a new one in his first Ars Magica session - especially since the game starts in 12 hours.

He wanted a Flambeau from the exotic East, and chose a Zoroastrian magus, descended from the Magian tribes. He made a character he liked and did his layman's research, right or wrong.



My bad! smile Unfortunately, iirc, Duration Fire allows for very limited effects.

But an InIm effect might be suitable without the special duration, though its Penetration would suck.

An InMe for perceiving lies might be even more suitable, because lies are of Angra Mainyu.



Make the fire necessary, but not an element of the spell in RDT terms:

The duration can be Instant if you only want to REVEAL the target. Make it diameter (+1) if you want them to stay visible for a while.

Range voice.

Method: Recite a prayer in the presence of a fire. At the end of the prayer, the spell triggers (instant duration). Or the spell triggers while you are reciting your 2-minute prayer.

You need a fire, so make it a necessary condition for the spell. Since it is cool, I would give a freebie 5 points to spend on the effect since it has a requisite. YMMV here :slight_smile:

Working from blacklinger's suggested base of35.... (Lazy parma: books 4 meters away, and no idea where the guideline is)

-2 mags from the instant duration (or -1 from Diameter) from the Sun duration that he suggests.
-1 mag for requiring a fire (my mad idea)
Range Voice is now the range of the Prayer to the Fire, so it is larger than the fire cracking. But making it the area that the fire illuminates is a cool idea as well.

The Revealing Purity of Fire (CrIm(?)20)
R:Voice D:Instant T:Individual. Requisite: fire(-1mag)

A fire that reveals the invisible being in the area it illuminates after you recite a sacred incantation to it sounds really cool.

Level 20 spell. 10 levels of penetration. Fairly low penetration, but hey. We can't do much better :laughing: It is a cool effect in any case so I would bend the rules to allow it since it is far from game breaking and fits the idea of the player (and is a cool effect to have around). A recently gauntleted magus could make a magic item with "see invisible beings" rather easily, so it is not like it is gonna break your game

Plan B would be the fire to grant the magus the Second Sight ability.


I would go this way. While a fire is burning, the character gets Second Sight with an Ability score of 4 to see anything that could be illuminated by the fire. I'd say that's about Base 15 or so. Let him pick up the rest of the levels in a CrIg effect. It's a Major Hermetic Virtue, giving him a weakened version of a Minor Virtue, plus 50 free experience points in Second Sight, is not at all unreasonable.

We went with the Second Sight version of the spell, as well as a minor bonus to Folk Ken rolls to determine deception.

He seems to like it well enough! Thanks to all for the help! The first game of Season 2 was last night, and the new players enjoyed themselves greatly.