Mythic Blood query

Is the level 30 special power associated with Mythic Blood limited to Hermetic style Range, Duration and Target categories.

eg did the mythic ancestor's favourite spell use, say, Faerie Magic for Range: Road? Would the descendant be able to use this Range: Road, if they didn't have Faerie Magic?

I’d say yes but I don’t think it’s explicitly mentioned as being allowed or not allowed.

EDIT: Mythic Blood can imply connection to pretty much any sort of being, not just magi. “Blessing” on the line from a dragon/powerful faerie/daimon? Sure. It’s pretty lose in who or what the Mythic Blood comes from so just have an idea for why that strange RDT is used and it seems fine to me.

I think you are normally supposed to only use the standard Hermetic R/D/T parameters, but if it is thematically appropriate and your SG/troupe agrees I don't see why you couldn't use some non-standard parameter.

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I think it would be up to the Sg/troupe. After all if you are of a mythic bloodline that would justify the one special power using a different target, range, or duration then why not. Maybe it uses the faerie until duration- I could see a descendant of a pagan deity having a power with forsaken duration (lasts until the next time the target does to confession) without having to actually be infernal...

It can’t use an RDT that requires a ritual but other than that I don’t see an issue.

Interesting. How would "Blessing" be expressed through Mythic Blood?

EDIT I mean the Mythic ancestor was renown for a particular Blessing, or some other non Hermetic magic (eg Cursing, Geas or something else that can't be replicated by Hermetic Magic)

I meant it in the broad sense, note none of the beings I mentioned blessing were divine though I guess maybe there could be a divine-linked lineage if a holy magus had a child but I don’t see angels blessing a magical bloodline. Could possibly see it being a thing among the Zoroastian Flambeau.

A pagan deity culd well have blessed people or been associated with blessing before Christianity became predominant, and a blessing from that lineage might be perpetuated, or they could descend fro a bloodline that was blessed by a pagan deity.

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