Mythic Companion ideas ?

I think i posted in the wrong Forum (General)

hello Everyone,

Im trying to build a mythic companion for a female friend of mine .
I was hoping some help about virtue and ideas

The social status i choosed is Master of Kennel LoMp61

Objective : Im trying to build a fighter for her who can comunication and fight with animal since she tends to love it !

So far the virtue i thought but correct me if you think im wrong are.

Int-2 Per 0 Str+1 Sta+1 Pre 0 Com+2 Dex+2 Qui +1


Blood of Heroes +0
Blood of Nephilim +3 (major supernatural) ( to give a bit of longterm to the character)
Animal Ken +1 ( Minorsupernatural)
Master of Kennel +1 ( Minor social)


Greedy ( Minor personality) obliged with the blood of Nephilim
Heroic Personalities
Tragic Intelligence Horrible Memory

Thank you for the help or ideas you could found out :slight_smile:

One of my players has a Mythic Companion and what has eventually come to discourage her is the lack of Magic Resistance. Magi have Parma and Form resistance, but when someone casts a spell on a Mythic Companion, even the littlest spell, she has to just take it.

If the player wants to talk to animals, consider making her a Faerie instead. Give her a Faerie Might of 20. She will be able to select additional Faerie powers to talk to or command animals. It's not unusual for a Faerie to think herself human; your player might not even need to adjust her concept much.

Alternately, give her Relic. That will provide Magic Resistance 10, which is better than nothing and simpler than the Faerie approach.

Good Idea where can you find the virtue for faerie Might 20 in Rop F but which page ?

Look up RoP:F p.46f, especially the Virtue Increased Faerie Might.


If this character is going to be heavily invested in the world of animals and not care so much for the world of humans, you might consider RoP:M over RoP:F. It's not right vs. wrong, but a little different take on things.

Yes, that would also work. And I find Magic creatures much easier to deal with in game than Faeries. Anything that gives your PC a little Magic Resistance will be appreciated by her. Maybe not right away, but quickly.

The major counterpoint against making a Magic character here would be the difficulty Magic creatures have learning new things. I personally houserule that mortal Magic creatures don't have this same limitation, but that's, well, a houserule. Also, you'll definitely want to consider a different social status if you go that route, because a magi-level Magic creature working as a kennel master for a noble would be... A bit insane. Though not impossible if you're married to the idea.

If you want to go the human route, supernatural aide from any of the Realms could be welcome. Magic Blood can help, Faerie Blood and a Legacy could give you a substantial boost to Animal Handling (which I'd probably allow in place of Leadership for a human fighting alongside trained dogs or other trainable animals), certain Infernal Virtues could let you exceed the age-based limits on skill while an Infernal Gift (or is it Infernal Blessing, I haven't looked at RoP:I in a while) could take the form of an item, skill boost, or supernatural ability. And then there's the Divine, which I don't pay attention to, but I'm sure you could find something there too, you mentioned Blood of the Nephelim yourself (bear in mind that Nephelim-blooded get rather large and have to eat a ton).

Heck, you could actually get her some Divine Might for Magic Resistance through that one Virtue for people who already have Blood of the Nephelim. She'd have to be pretty old already to make anything of it but hey, more time to accrue skill.