Mythic Near East

Am I the only one who has seen this:
Or am I blind and not seeing the thread where we are all jumping up and down about it?
I don't want to count chickens before they hatch, but this is a good one.

Matt Ryan

Thanks. Missed that. Jumping up and down now.


That looks potentially quite interesting...

Mythic North , Mythic West and now Mythic Near East.
What about the Mythic South. :stuck_out_tongue:

TC&TC is pretty cool but, I think the timing of the announcement may have been unfortunate though, coming as it does on the tail of Atlas' cool new Chthulhu-themed products and while many people are still fixated on "The Church".

And what about the Mythic Subterranean??? :wink:

There was a "Ring of Fire" supplement a few editions ago, if that helps any?

Really nice teaser there too. :smiley:

I've been thinking about if for a while...there's some intersting stuff that can be done in the ermeging kingdoms of West Africa, if you mix in some Arthurian stuff. I don't have my thoughts on it together yet, but, yes, there's potential there.

Wasn't that called "South of the Sun"? I've skimmed that, it was interesting. IIRC the "Ring of Fire" refers to a band of fire across the equator of the spherical earth. It must be there because you can clearly see that it getts hotter and brighter the further south you travel, and the peoples are darker, baked by the constant fire.
In our Constantinople saga we sent out an expedition to (among other things) seek this very thing. After a few detours the expedition sailed up the Nile. After some adventures in a regio they got diverted to Tunesia and chose to sail a small ship through Gibraltar and along the atlantic coast. It's a long way, but still better than hoofing it south through miles and miles of desert, or to waste time by sailing back to Egypt and repeating the ride up the Nile. Although it is going to be a looong way home!

Also jumping!

They finally got around to this! Great! I remember Timothy Furgeson(sp) talking about this book a long time ago, and they spun it up in a way that would be good for stories! :slight_smile:

Ah, no, different thing. I'm not one of the authors or playtesters for this book. You may be recalling some stuff I hinted at with Soqotra, which for most of 2011 will be as far East as the books have gone, or you may be thinking of Silk Road/Mythic China, which was a failed project under 4th edition, which would have covered some of this area.

But, basically, no. I'm not even really all that familiar with what's in this book. If there's a strong tie between something I'm working on and the book I'm sometimes given the pieces needed to check continuity, but even with that I don't believe I've seen...well -any- of this book.

That sounds more accurate in my memories now. I believe the discussion was about India and China now that I think on it.


No he's not. But I am. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I've read everything Timothy has ever written for Ars Magica... he's very inspiring and I've learnt a lot from analysing his work and the way he designs.

His work influenced me a lot for my sections. Perhaps something crept in, eh?

I've been waiting a while for this to appear officially and I'd love to tell everyone more than I did by videocall to Tahoe but...

Just have to wait till September or so...

It's a big book in scope and in length (as David alludes to in the other thread). It's something different yet something familiar.

I think it's turned out to be a great book. Erik's sahir stuff is amazing.



Oh my, this is quite possibly the best news I've heard in a good year, aside from Lords of Men and The Church. Frankly, better! I've been salivating for something like this for years.