Mythic Perspectives

The old web 'zine...While #9, #10 & #11 are still available for purchase, the earlier issues seem to be lost forever to late comers such as myself. How might one go about acquiring them? The mechanics may be outdated but stories & ideas expressed within may still be useful.
PDF's preferred but I'll take what I can get.

Since I do have some, I'll write up my thoughts on each article and how some of the ideas can be applied to the current edition. A retro-active review, if you'd like.
That might also motivate people into offering me some more help.

There were some that went up for trade earlier in the year. I'm working to try creating an archive of the fanzine, but I can't seem to reach the gentleman who published it to get permission to share them. Unfortunately, that gentleman seems to have dropped offline sometime in early 2005. I've tried just about everything I can think of to find him short of actually going to his last known locale, but he appears very intent on not being found and that last known locale is fairly far away from me. Without the appropriate permissions, I don't feel it would be right to share the files.


I understand. I'm still holding out hope that the situation will change.

I'm also trying to archive the seven issues of Redcap. I have reached that gentleman, and with any luck, I might be able to get him to respond.


...I had to lookit up. I'd never even heard of it until you mentioned it...

I'd note that the MP articles all had a sunset clause in their author agreement.

I believe I own all of mine again.

If anyone has a copy of the MP Fiction anthology that they'd care to part with, PM me; I'd be happy to buy or trade for it.

I may have had a breakthrough on this. We'll see.


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The collector in me is also highly interested in getting those old MP issues... :wink:

Did a digital archive for free or a fee ever get created for Mythic Perspectives?

Not that know of. As I said the last few issues could be purchased online (in PDF format) through Atlas and Steve Jackson games, but it has been awhile.

Stupid irregular work schedule.