Nameless Demons

Just musing - your average human mook is a) pretty average and b) fairly well defined. However, how hard do you guys usually make your supernatural or abomination mooks? Stats and powers?

And in the run-up to the long-awaited Glimpse ..., does anyone have any home-cooked nameless (or named) demons/abominations that they'd like to share with the rest of us? (Open Source Demons? [grin])

I generally keep my mooks (of all sorts) in the same basic AV range, 7-9. As for schticks, I never give them Gun, Fu, or Tranimal schticks (in the case of Gun schticks their AVs are too low) and rarely give out Creature, Sorcery, or Arcanotech. Whatever schticks they may have, I try to make sure they add as little extra bookkeeping as possible. If I want something a little more powerful, I'll generally put the combat AVs at around 10-12 and treat them as named characters, except I don't reduce damage dealt to them by Toughness.

Part of the fun in designing critters is deciding what they can do and what basic schticks apply to that end anyway.

For a flying winged demon that throws fireballs, for example, I'll have Flight (for the wings), Abysmal Spines (horns and claws), and Blast (for the fireballs). Might throw in some Armor, one of the Damage Immunities, or even one of the nastier powers such as Brain Shredder or Corruption to top things off. It all depends on what you want your monsters to be able to do.

I seldom use unnamed demons- each demon is a rare and special flower designed to cause fear and in the players. Same goes for sorcerers. That's just a personal thing, though. I use unnamed demons and sorcerers from the books, but homebrews are generally something special.

To me, it makes more sense for gun bunnies and fu monkeys to come in waves, it being easier to train a bunch of people than get sorcerers or demons by the dozen. That said, there will be circumstances where unnamed creatures can be very interesting- such as the horde of small, flying demons circling like bats and getting in the party's hair.

I suppose I was thinking more "Supernatural Critter" than "Demon", specifically - something from '69 which might actually be a species (or equivalent) - like the Black-faced Ogre or the Jiang-Shi. Come to think of it, I'll have another look at those for inspiration ...

Most of my recent Feng Shui work has revolved around demons. Yes, your heavy-hitters should be scary, but even Big Name Nastiness needs a few layers of "mook armor" to make the fight last a little longer. He's an overview of unnamed demons you can use for demonic hordes:

Gnarled Marauder (Main rulebook, p. 191?)
Your basic hentai tentacle trooper. AV of 8 is a bit of a yawner, and the creature powers are a bit uninspiring, particularly when you realize that those schticks sunk into Tentacles x6 are largely just fluff/flavor (you don't keep track of wound points on unnamed GMCs). However, give one of these things a name and all of a sudden you have to do 120 wounds worth of damage just to get at this thing's body.
Rating: C

Snake Men (Main rulebook, p. 191?)
Another AV of 8, which means your average housecat might find them "mildly annoying". Poison... eh, a bit weak, but nice to see an alternative damage type. And then another example of a useless Wound-based schtick on a mook, Regeneration. Nothing really interesting or evocative here, until you get to the schticks and notice they have the entire Path of the Tightening Coils, one of the most abusable Fu paths in the main book. Which is great until you realize their AV is too low to hit anything.
Rating: C+

Bloodhunters (Marked For Death, p. 21)
Much more respectable AV of 10. Decent damage, and Flight is nice, but again, Regeneration is pointless. Kind of "vanilla" grunt demons, nothing flashy but they get the job done.
Rating: B-

Skittering Demon (Marked For Death, p. 75)
Hmm... never noticed how wonky these things are. No Creature Power AV listed, and somehow their claw damage bypasses armor and Toughness with some unknown schtick/ability. Largely meant to just hassle or keep the players busy, we have one or two interesting schticks here that might lead to some interesting stunts (mostly the Glutinous Goo), and the Rancid Breath helps make up for the pathetic Body and claw damage. While there are some technical problems in the stat block, they generally succeed with what they were designed to do.
Rating: C+

Kun Kan (Earth Demons, Back for Seconds, pp. 29-30)
These things are oozing with interesting flavor, and some solid potential here for earth-based stunts. Mechanics-wise... no by-the-book creature schticks, and the selection of unique schticks have several situational limitations. I love the "drag underground" attack, and their AVs are high enough to make them dangerous. I would have liked to see some of the creature schticks from the rulebook used here, but the unique stuff is very evocative and creative.
Rating: A-

Popcorn Demons (Thorns of the Lotus, p. 45?)
Another demon without Creature Powers. "Hard to Kill" was a bit puzzling, until I realized that some savvy players might want to avoid the "Blaze of Glory". However, anything longer than 1 or 2 sequences essentially takes them out of the fight. Blaze of Glory makes these guys worth it, though... used properly, a few explosive chains could quickly pile up into massive damage. A very interesting surprise to spring on your players and make them think twice before plowing into melee.
Rating: B+

Plain Old Ogres (Elevator to the Netherworld, p. 81)
Worthless AVs, and nothing really here that says "big and ugly". The worst crime, however: BOOOOORING.
Rating: F

Belching Ogres (Elevator to the Netherworld, p. 81)
Here we go, a bit more interesting. Basically a walking catapult/cannon/shotgun/blaster... a one-trick pony, but you can get a lot of mileage out of that pony with some creative projectiles. Worthless for anything else, but essential for adding ranged attacks and fire support to any demonic forces.
Rating: B

Imps (Elevator to the Netherworld, p. 82)
Opposite of Ogres, eh? And that would be... still BOOOOORING.
Rating: F

Unnamed Wang Liang/Black-Faced Ogre (Blowing Up Hong Kong, p. 40)
Ok, only slightly more interesting that Plain Old Ogres, but quite a few more points here for cultural/mythological accuracy. Decent AVs, and Rancid Breath x2 gives it a respectable source of alternative damage. Also, Info: Fishing 17. I'd like to see more of GMCs with obscure Info skills that add interesting flavor.
Rating: B

Ooh, good point!

I suspect the Regen is to make named examples more interesting ...

I don't have Marked for Death, but those look sort of interesting.

Now, that I do have, and they did look pretty interesting - in addition to the Horror Movie effect of the "out of the soil ... and back again" attacks ...

Which would be a change ... [grin]

Good point. Surely demons/supernaturals have hobbies other than just loitering waiting to be mugged by PCs? [grin]

Thanks for that handy summary!

Actually according to Robin Laws (from an old post to the FS mailing list), the monsters in Chapter 14 of the main rulebook are intended as named characters. Obviously they aren't main-line antagonists, just a little extra muscle to back up mooks. Actually, The Reconstructed can take some time to put down.

Thanks for that - I had been trying to work out whether they were intended as low-grade Named or strangely-schticked Nameless ...

Some "supernatural mooks" I've used:

Dark Tentacle Swarm: These tendrils, composed of solid shadow-stuff, were employed as a defense by a Lotus operative who went rogue, and holed up in the Netherworld. They would amass and attack individual PCs in an attempt to achieve a hold; once a PC was held, they would attempt to strip them of any gear.

Zombies: C'mon, how can you NOT love hordes of mindless, shambling horrors? During a recent adventure (Rise of the Zombie Emperor), the PCs encountered three different 'flavors' of unnamed Zombie--in addition to the Classic and the Concrete varieties (latter taken from Blowing Up Hong Kong), we had the 'Yolk Zombie'--these guys were after one thing: Brains. 'Cause theirs had been eaten by that Black-Faced Ogre.