Names & Translations

For those of you looking for interesting names for grogs/companions etc
(this means you too Marko!). Some of you native speakers will be all over this already, but other may find these links interesting:

General Names of Iberia
This site lists a whole lot of links for Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew and Basque names. Not all of them are great, but it's part of the site used in GotF and L&L for the German and French names:

I'd point out the following two groups of links of particular interest to the Saga:

Catalan and Occitan Names
(probably of most use for Andorran natives etc but remember to the south lies Urgell, one of the Catalan counties and over the pass to the north is the County of Foix in the Languedoc region where the Albigensian Crusade is just winding down)

Catalan-English-Catalan Translator

Basque Names
(these are interesting and unusual and appropriate for characters from further west in the Pyrenees

Basque-English-French-Spanish Translators

Basque Wordlist ... words.html

Hope this is useful,