Natural Magicians and Resolving Aging Crisis magic

A question for all and sundry...

In Hedge Magic: Revised, under Natural Magicians, Succuro Salutem guidelines include "Resolve a (whatever) Aging Crisis." However, I'm not sure how that should work. For Hermetic Magic, resolving an aging crisis is a Momentary Creo Corpus ritual spell. I see nothing that suggests Natural Magicians can do an equivelent of a Momentary Creo rituals, so I'm wondering how best to adjudicate the "resolve an aging crisis" guidelines.

Has anyone else tackled this?

I'd say: this has a duration or is inside an amulet with charges.

For the duration/the charges, you are safe... quick, try to find someone who can really help you before the end!

So, not so much "resolve aging crisis" as "postpone aging crisis"? Sudden vision of an old guy running around with a collection of amulets, each holding death at bay.

Yeah. Some kind of.

I think thats how the CrCo "resolve aging crisis" guideline works. If a hermetic uses it in a momentary ritual you get permanent healing, if they use any other duration they just postpone the crisis until the effect wears off. Since the SuSa guideline sidebar specifically states Learned Magicians can't achieve permanent healing they have to settle for postponing the inevitable.

Of course if you think thats to harsh on the learned types you could always rule that for them resolving an aging crisis does not require permanent healing like healing wounds would. Maybe hermetics are doing something wrong when they think it does.

While the SuSa charta is in effect , the target can still heal naturally.
The Aging Table on page 170 (ArM 05) gives the Result needed for the Crisis Roll.
The charta takes away the need for a Sta roll , but you need to wear it for the rest of the season to recover fully.

See Charta for Healing a Broken Limb on page 94 in HMRE.

As it has not been subject to errata , saying that they meant Postpone an Aging Crisis ,
then it must Resolve it , just not instantly and permanently as per momentary CrCo rituals.

The Transcendence Guidelines on page 53 in RoP: The Divine ,
distinguish between Postponing and Resolving an Aging Crisis.