Nature Lore for House Merinita, possible specializations

Ok, Nature Lore needs to be specialized, but in what?

Since my mooching gaming group have sucked in kost of my books, I can't look it up right now. But I'd also like a second oppinion from my esteemed forum-mates.

IIRC the Ability is called [Nature] Lore, and needs to be specified in some terrain/climate, so you could end up with Forest Lore, Desert Lore, Montain Lore etc.
But I have a player, who wants to specialize in Weather Lore, is this covered by the scope of the rules? Would this give any problems?

I'd like to read the sections through again 1 or 2 times more. But IIRC you use the [Nature] Lore Ability in stead of say Survival (perhaps even more abilities) in your home turf, and at a penalty (what, -3?) outside it. How could this be harmonized with Weather Lore? If it could!

Any comments would be very much appreciated.

PS Any idead for a good Greater Feature in a Lab for a Magus working weather (so Creo, Auram, Rego, Aquam primarily)?
I thought about a large weather-vane, with the rooster actually being slightly animated; changing colour and posture according to temperature/humidity, flapping wings according to airspeed etc.

PPS In my upcoming saga, house Merinita has split up into the faerie-based House Qendalon (with all the faerie-mysteries) and a House Mendalus (with the nature-mysteries, and some more). The Player in question is a Mendalus Magus, and thus completely non-faerie.

Weather Lore is actually one of the examples given, described as pertaining to "the sky and wide open spaces". I would suggest having the home region be some high mountain peak, encircled by eternal fog and buffeted by winds; perhaps with a regio leading to a more airy realm still. The ubiquity of weather phenomena is rather extreme, but then again it isn't like animals or water are scarce; I don't think this would be a severe problem, although I would insist on low scores in the ability (initially 1, not letting the PC invest XP in it at chargen) and make him understand progress in it will be slow.

Nature Lore may be used as Area Lore, and also grants some supernatural perks as its score increases. At a score of 1, "limited communication" is prescribed, which isn't at all well defined but I would interpret it as being able to better communicate with and read the signs of the local denizens and nature (realizing when weather has been magically altered, perhaps being able to talk to some of the more talkative breezes). Although this doesn't precisely include Survival, it does seem appropriate that it would in practice work as Survival in the home region. I would even allow the score to assist rolls to avoid the effects of bad weather, including lightning bolts.

Regarding a Feature, a miniature world comes to mind, covered with rolling lightning storms; a large column of glass, filled with boiling dark clouds; four large windows adorned with runes opening to the four winds, constantly circulating the air and creating a large breeze (-1 Safety?).

From the Nature Lore section (guideline box):

Sample Nature Lores
Lore - Description
Animal - All wild creatures living in a region
Water - Rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans
Weather - The sky and wide open spaces
Forest - The spirit of trees and other flora
Desert - Dry, non-arable land of extreme temperatures
Mountain - Earth and stone, found in hills, peaks, and valleys

Outside the magus' specialised area you treat their Nature Lore Ability score as 3 lower.

Yes this seems approriate, the player in question also just mentioned to me, that Weather Lore was an example given. So it should work.

The Saga will be set 30 after apprenticeship, so he will surely increase his Weather Lore ability beyond the starting 1. But not too high.

The Feature with the 4 windows openening out to each of the 4 directions/winds is brilliant, that one I'll use.