Need A One Shot


I'm looknig to audition two new players for our troupe.

I'd like to run a one-shot to do so. In the past I've used Promises, Promises and The Northwyck Yew (from Sub Rosa).

I'm trying to figure out another one-shot that I can use, tinkering to fit the past/present of my saga. I generally try to have such one-shots be "canon" for my saga's history.

So, that said, does anyone have any ideas? I'm at work for the evening, and am drawing a blank. There's a chance I may have used one or two other one-shot scenarios - i'll not that if it comes up.

This will need to be a "con length" type situation. Pregenerated characters a plus, though not 100% necessary.

Thoughts, sodales?

Vrylakos ... Adventures

Some nice adventures there.

For other pre-gen adventures, I think that Tales of Mythic Europe (ToME) might be helpful. I suggest this because I have no idea of the kind of adventure you have to run, and there are some nice adventures for everybody's taste there. Some of them are long, though (I would suggest not running Rise and Fall).

One that springs to mind (2 actually) are the first adventure (the regio one) and the adventure about mundane inheritance. I think those might fit your expectations.

More details on what you want to run based on your saga might help :slight_smile:

About the characters: I would simply head straight for the saga subforums and steal a few characters from there. There are dozens of magi, grogs and companions in those forums. :slight_smile:


There are some one-shots in the old Hermes Portal. I seem to remember a very good one by Mark Shirley in there about a Faerie Lord of the harvest.

EDIT. It's the Ergot Faerie in Issue 10. It's not a full fledged adventure, but there is more than enough there to come up with something for your group.

If you can find Festival of the Damned, it is a must IMHO.

Whoops, sorry - I do make use of a fair number of published adventures. I have used Rise and Fall and Festival of the Damned. Good stuff!

I'm just downloading that Hermes Portal, and will be looking over Tales of Mythic Europe for an adventure I can complete in 4-5 hours.

Thanks for all assistance so far!


I think the Nigra Saxa mini-saga download from 4th ed. is a very easy one-shot to run, and a great starting adventure. Local Baron's daughter goes missing... follow the clues into the faerie forest to get her back. It's got everything to introduce you to the setting: Mundanes afraid of magic, Interaction with nobility and the fae, a Little bit of combat, and a nice, fun little mystery. It was the story that got me into the game, and I've since run it as well.