Need a page reference

I recall a bit in RoP: M indicating that genius loci are always considered to be touching certain items within their respective locus, but can't for the life of me find it now that I need it. Does anyone remember where the bit I'm talking about might be found?

Thanks in advance,

page 106.
Is that what you mean?
Or the Presence power on page 101?

Are you sure that it wasn't in the Rhine Tribunal book?


RoP: M, 101: No, this relates to a Lesser Power I'm trying to design. I want to know to what extent it's possible for the spirit in question to use the Touch range to affect her locus when she's not present.

RoP: M, 106: That's very close, but I had thought there was a more generic statement of that type somewhere.

GotF: Maybe, I have the book and haven't read it in awhile, but I'I thought I'd read the information fairly recently...

Thanks for the assistance, I'll keep looking.

Manifestation , page 102/103:

Sorry for the threadomancy :blush:

Anyway, what I'm referring to is something slightly akin to the Presence power except that it relates to the genius' ability to target the natural feature it's associated with rather than nearby plants and animals. Specifically, I was designing a lake spirit and wanted her to be able to affect the waters of her lake (not just the plants and fish) at a distance, but wasn't sure whether the range ought to be AC or if Touch would be sufficient. The matter's mostly academic at this points since I already resolved the arc featuring the character in question, but I'd still appreciate if anyone could direct me to the proper reference.

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Jason Brennan