Need a Ride? (1244)

Oh, don't get me started on hags! There was this sea hag, we just called her Sea Hag. I had to deal with her crap a few times, and she kept cropping up again.
But if she doesn't fly, we are all good. This carpet of mine, I got it as a gift from a Bonisagus magus in Giza. He enchanted it, but the rug is Persian. Real nice stuff.
The ship, it isn't mine. I have one of my own back home, a small fisher, no enchantments. This ship I have at that port over there, much nicer. You may think it is magical, but it isn't. The captain is! He can make that thing sail underwater or over land. He's doing me a favor. He used to work for me, but he has since gone his own way and taken up the family business.
As an aside, you have my gratitude for helping me out in this. And I thank Santiago for putting us in contact.
As a show of thanks, I am sponsoring you as a Pledge to join Andorra. If it goes well, they vote you in as a member after a year or two of probation. If it goes really well, after a few years they may make you a Master.
Me, I have been with them about ten years now. They formed a chapter house for junior members, right on the island I was living on fer cryin' out loud! But it has paid off. I got to organize their guard contingent, they have a pretty good library, and they are flush with resources.
On the downside, they are really well connected, and I hate being drawn into politics. That Fambeau Schism, I don't know if it affects you guys up here, but down there we are in the thick of it and I am tired of hearing magi yelp about it. I say let the two contenders duke it out like they did in the old days.
Scratch that. Stupid idea. I get like that when I am drinking.
Never go into battle when drunk. If you can avoid it. If you can't avoid it, the first order of battle is to clear you head with Corpus or Mentem magic. I should make a spell...
(blahblahblah, drunken rambling...)
Oh! The islands. I was going to tell you about that.
Carmen offered me a tower at the main keep. I was all like "pfft! No way! It's my island. I was there first. I am just helping you out lady. So then like, where was I?
The islands. Take a spot on one of the islands. The Balearic Islands. Because Fleur and I won't move, they have some empty towers. They might offer you one. I know she wants to set some Verditius up in the one tower.
Be humble and say you want an island spot. Tell them it was my idea. It is beautiful there. It is beautiful here too, don't get me wrong. But so much warmer.

Ha. Well I'm amused. The Woad is more of a quiet, brooding drinker. And patient, like a rock. He may get a few remarks in during the above monologue:
The Woad will help in any capacity he can, the endeavour faced is intrigueing and challenging. He is grateful for yoru sponsorship, in some places joining covenants can be a pain. Forming new ones as well, and one may stagnate from lack of resources. The Woad is modest about his requirements and will adapt to whatever accomodations he is granted.
A ship sailing under water or over land? That should come in handy, I think. I mean Ireland is fairly small, so transportation magics may be underdeveloped here.
We hear little of the House politics, the Woad believes the best leader will prevail. If not, change will come again. Of course, if Hibernia if left to it's own it matters little either way.
The Woad understands a probationary period for new pledges, and also that young magi may need to show their worth even more than more experienced ones, who have something substantial to offer. What does the rank of Master require, and what does it entail? At some point the Woad would like to read your covenant charter.

If Roberto falls asleep, the Woad waits until mod evening well after dark, since this was the appointed time to leave. If he does not wake up by himself, the Woad asks the cat:
Cidito, should the Woad wake up your friend?

I went overboard with exercising my creative writing skills :slight_smile:Dialogue has always been a weak spot, and I was having fun emullating the speech and thought train of a man drinking.

Roberto is easy to rouse. Or rather, it is easy to get his attention so as to rouse himself with that Corpus trick he mentioned. Maybe Mentem to get fully awake.
Our conversation has inspired me with ideas for his next few inventions :wink:
How do you wantto proceed from here? I can fast forward to the story that awaits, or I can insert a mini-adventure of some sort. You seem to hint at that with the hag story. I can look her up or invent something unique.

No worries .
The Hag thing is merely because she is a major feature of Circulus Ruber covenant in the Conflicted Isle, although only on concept with no details.
Hibernia is a nice background thing for the Woad, but I’d just as well get to Andorra and get going with the covenant.
But I’d like to run a story with a visit to Hibernia at some point.

Stay in the marathon :smiley:
Roberto's carpet is indeed of high quality and beautiful craftsmanship. But it is a bit worn. It has seen battle.
Make sure your gear is strapped on. And grab hold of something. The carpet makes the carpet fly, you are just a rider. But it is pretty stable. Only had one guy fall off. Poor Guillame.
Just jesting you. :slight_smile: It is safe. Never had an accident yet. I've ridden this thing while standing!
Don't do that.You don't have to strap in. Just stay sitting.

The ride is indeed smooth, though a bit unnatural. And Roberto was right about the ship. It isn't magical at all. It looks battered, repaired, re-repaired, and patched up. But it sails like a dream.

Let me think here, I have an idea...

I’m not going to jinx it and mention pirates... My players in the Cliffhangers campaign insisted upon this, while sailing off the coast of China. It took too sessions to undo the setbacks.

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The Woad is definitely out of his element, but attempts to face the challenges with a stoic calm demeanour.
With his iron constitution I doubt he becomes air- or seasick. The challenge is more about leaving Ireland’s green shores for the first time and probably for a long time.

You learn that the ship's name is Betty. The Captain, Johan, named after is mother. Betty VanHalen. God bless her soul. His crew is a motley crop of highly skilled Dutch sailors. You suspect they are pirates. But you also learn that they hate the English as much as you do.
Cidito is your translator, he has the Gift of Tongues. You learn a little bit about him as well. From his point of view. I come from a long line of magical talking cats. I am considered of noble blood.... I met the King of Cats at Valnastium, he confirmed it... Are you going to eat that?... I met Roberto afterhe saw me get in a fight with that dog and kill it. He fed me and tried to patch me up. I sorta clawed him and ran off, but kept coming back for food.

Johan is such a good captain and helmsman, that he sails as fast as a bird flies. If this is your first time on a ship, you might think it is always so easy.
After about two days, you notice that Roberto seems concerned and is questioning the captain.
Looks like there is going to be a change of plan. Johan wants to drop us off at his mother's house. I think it has something to do with that message I ran between them last night.

Johan’s mother’s house? The Woad does understand, that would only take us to these Nether Lands. That is quite a bit of the way, he supposes.
Look Cidito, the Woad enjoys talking to you, and appreciates the help with these strange languages. He won’t exactly say he is envious, but he is intrigued by the special bond between magus and familiar. The Woad wishes he will one day find a suitable candidate for himself one day.
Can you ask your magus to tell the Woad what this is about?

Cidito quietly points to Roberto as he approaches you.
There has been a change of plans. Johan's going to drop us off on the Dutch coast. From there, it takes about a day or so to reach Cfunin. We can take a portal from there to Harco, then Majorica, then Andorra.

It is my responsibility to get you there in a safe and timely manner. People are waiting on us. But I can't force you to be quick and safe if you don't feel like it. Get what I mean?

Johan and his mom, they have a business operation of sorts. A "consortium" of ship captains. I stay out of the details. Anyway, one of their ships got hit the other day. An English pirate known as Ugly Pete. Johan is headed to his mom's tavern to discuss the matter
with his partners.

Oh, and Pete is a revenant of some sort. Never figured it out exactly. Maybe he is a specter. I faced him before when I was younger.
Which is just to say that it wouldn't count as "interfering with mundanes".

Say, how has the crew been treating you? I asked Cidito to look out for you, act as a go-between, so they could get used to your Gift.

The Woad is grateful for the transport, he has not suffered any mistreatment by the crew, and Cidito has graciously translated. Understanding the duty you have Roberto, how pressed are we for time? One's family is important, for the Woad it is merely the Hermetic familiy, but should we offer our help to Captain Johan? A ship getting raided is a thing the Woad understands, although it would have been cattle or vis in Hibernia, and such an offense must be answered. However a feud may be a private thing. The Woad already considers Roberto a trusted amicus, and if a friend of a friend needs help...

Cidito speaks quietly in your own language.
He is trying to drop a hint, but is being too subtle. We can take the easy route, or take some side action. He is eithertrying to testyou or shift the bllame. Maybe a bit of both. He thinks this will be easy, but he thinks everything is easy.

Subtelty is not overly used in Ireland. The Woad is more concerned with botching social niceties than he is in battle. You may tell Captain Johan that he may count on the Woad's help in getting his ship back.

The Woad gets ready, by keeping his trusty spear ready, and standing by the bow of the ship, as if he is expecting pirates at any moment. Or at least keeping an eye open for them.

Roberto smiles. Ah, I get what you are saying. Stand guard here with Cidito. I have a plan. I will keep contact with you through him. .
After conferring with Captain Johan, Roberto hops on his carpet and takes off into the darkness. A storm is brewing.
The Woad stands guard, stone like in patient vigilance. Cidito tries to strike up conversation, which might get annoying. Thunder rumbles in the distance. The cat scampers off to give the captain some directions, then comes to get you.
Roberto sez we we are on course to intercept. Prepare yourself.

The Woad really doesn’t know any protective or boosting magi in preparation, yet.
But he does start calling upon the powers of the Morrígan, in his native Irish language- which sounds outrageous to everyone else. It takes longer than a spell
A slight sound is heard, like the cracking or grinding of stones, as the Woad’s skin takes a greyish hue with blue stripes and shapes seeming at random. (Stoneskin power is activated)

The crew is calm and quiet (there are about seven or eight of them). Even Cidito has gone quiet. The fog is cold and thick. The ship feels still, as if it was hovering above the water. Two sailors take up positions beside you, armed with loaded crossbows.

Cidito raises his paw,waiting, then he he yowls as he jabs the air, pointing to a spod up ahead just off he Starboard Bow.
MlrYOW! There! We are upon them!
The Woad sees the black vessel ahead in the fog. As do the sailors beside you. They fire, striking the only two men you can see on that ship. They stagger, but do not fall. The sailors fire again. You notice that there is another pair behind them, ready to had off a freshly loaded weapon and hand off the empty one to two other guys that reload them.
Keep their attention! I have something I gotta go do!. And Cidito runs off towards the back of this ship.
The Woad sees that on the other ship there are more men coming out. You see a few of them have bows.
What do you do?

Pffah, bows are for hunting - fowl and small game! The Woad will take the fight up close and personal.

However until the Woad develops some additional wards, his stoneskin may not be enough to simply ignore arrows.

The plan is - and please interrupt as things happen:
First order of business is Veil of Invisibility. Barring any negative aura effects, even a roll just below average allows the spell cast without Fatigue. Penetration should not matter. Die-roller app gives me an 8, +16 casting for a lvl 20 spell is more than enough.

Second: How far to the other ship? And is our ship moving into contact? I'm asking because the Woad would prefer to board, but it needs to be possible. And he also attempts to count the number of hostiles on the black ship, and checks whether Johan's crew are planning to board. He is not so overconfident that he charges into an outnumbered combat.

Time to soften up the opposition with Rust, Rot, and Ruin the Soldier's Kit*
It is T:Group in order to affect all a soldier's arms and armour, so it needs to be cast at each enemy separately. Casting requisites for Herbam and Animal apply. Looking at the design, I'm not sure how it should affect could just be the same because the wood warps and weakens making the bow a lot less efficient.

*)Rust, Rot and Ruin the Soldier’s Kit PeTe20
Spell weakens all metal, leather, and wooden components of a single fighter’s weapons, shield, and armour. Casting requisites may apply. For weapons and shields this his halves Damage total (including Attack Advantage) and Defense totals. For armour it halves Soak Total (excluding contribution from Stm, Tough Virtue, Bronze Cord etc.). If the victim Botches an attack, defense, or Soak roll the item used may break.
(Base 2, +2 metal, +2 Voice, +2 Group)

Turning invisible is not a problem. We did use an official agreed to dice roller site. Cyotcode or Invisiblle castle. Not sure if either is still operational. I will check into it.

The bow of this ship is maintaining a consistent distance and aspect in relation to the black ship. Which should be impossible. Both ships are in motion.
You estimate the number of hostiles to be about a half dozen. Two or three of them seem to be acting as shields for the ones with bows. They don't seem to do anything except lumber and take hits from crossbows.

That spell you cast should have requisites for Animal the design. Casting Requisites have to be part of the design. You can't add them as an afterthought. It should be a magnitude higher, but you could have designed it a magnitude lower and flex-cast it. Fixer used to do this with Wirth all the time. Spells that make no sense as Target Part, intended to be Flexed to Individual or Group.
But anyway, moving forward...

That spell seems to be your best option. But since itwas the third thing you thought of, it is fair to say that the hostiles on the back ship get a few shots in. One of the re-loaders takes a hit.
So does The Woad
Archer Characteristic + Ability + Weapon = 7, 1D10 = [9], -3 for Invisible, Total = 13

You were visible just a moment ago and have not moved. That was a shot in your general direction.
Make a Dodge roll, and if unsuccessful, the Damage is 6 + (13 minus your dodge).
That will require a Concentration roll if you still want to cast your Perdo spell.
You could choose not to dodge, and if your "stone skin" can handle it (damage +19), then you do not need a concentration roll.