Need Players in Mantova, Italy

Salve, sodales!
I'm searching for one or two Magi for my Covenant, allocated in Mantua, the city were Virgilius Trimegisto was born.
Ask me more question if you are interested by the messenger of our Order or the Esoteric-mail.

I am very sorry but my troupe and I are from Genua, otherwise we all would be very grateful to happily join your Saga. But if you want we can contact ourself to exchange materials and ideas!

Sorry for the thread hijack, but I am looking for some help and am hoping that you can provide some.

I have just started a campaign in the Rome Tribunal (5th Edition) and the resources that are available for this tribunal are slim. The last Rome Tribunal book was for 3rd edition, which I have, but it lacks much.

Anyways, I was wondering if you could point me to some maps of Italy or anything else that you may think might be of help to me and my group.

Thanks in advance.

My Covenant is near Venice so we use 3rd Edition Tribunal of Rome too with little changes.

Look at this link hoping it will help you

Thanks. I will check those maps out.

Btw, my covenant is located sort of near Venice too!!! I set my players up in Treviso near the town of Vidor. The covenant name is Alea Iactus Est (The Die is Cast - attrributed to Julius Caesar as he crossed the Rubicon during his march on Rome).

Once we get up and running (only two sessions so far) I would be interested in sharing information -- maybe we can get our covenants to be friends/enemies -- that would be cool.

A very nice idea, I have to speak with my SG!

Our Covenant named Ars Sapientae is located on the small island of S: Caterina to a day of travel by sea from Venice. Because our vicinity with this important city for the Order, to us is prohibited to trade with it outside main supplies (food and items). We have had another Covenant as our enemy called Convictus Corvus but now it is vanished after a Wizard's March :slight_smile: