Need Suggestions for Lab Disasters

So, I was rolling for my Winter Season advancement, and oddly enough, my practice of constantly using full experimentation has come back to bite me in the rear. I rolled 12+ for two results on the table, netting Story Event and Modified Effect: Spell is completely changed. Since I was trying to extract Vis this is now a Level 60 Creo Vim effect running out of control through the Covenant.

Any suggestions as to what the heck this might do, for better or worse?

Teleport A PART (not the whole of it) of the covenant to a regio level. What about having the MUNDANE parts in the high regio? And what about the library disappearing and relocating in.... Alexandria?

Summon a demon

Summon a dragon

Charge random items along the covenant to appear mystic on observation, with no real effect, while others that appear mundane can send you into twilight when you touch them.

Awaken some sheep as per the Calebais rules. Or awaken the rats of the covenant. Organized rodents can cause quite some havoc to the "invaders" of their home.

Make everybody in the covenant develop a phantom gift. Loads of mistrust around....

Just some random ideas.



What a disaster.

If you want something really bad, think of a malevolent worm of raw magic snaking its way out of the lab and extending through the entire covenant and even onto its grounds. Every living thing it touches, animal or man, are hit with 3 warping points. You cannot pass though it, without risking more warping. Although silent, it moves slowly enough that some characters may duck aside into side rooms, but eventually it will snake around until it has filled very room and hall, eventually passing through windows and under doors. The magi do not know it but the effect last only a day, but if they do not do something then the trauma to custos and animals may be too much to stay around the place. The risk of twilight may make the magi overly cautious, but failure to act could bring the covenant to an end.

(CrVi 60 Base +15, Touch +1, Sun +2, Boundary +3, Size +3)

Hmmm. By my reckoning, a distaster should suck for the character but create a story for the troupe. How about there's a massive burst of light (granting some nice Twilight scar, like glowing in the presence of large auras) and thereafter the aura in your lab is increased by 1 but every time a spell it cast it grants Magnitude warping points to the caster. You'd need to build a new lab, but at the same time the old one becomes a fount for stories - Seekers, Bonisagi, Verditius remembering those little rocks of their Founder ... And, of course, it's be an interesting place to hide during Wizard's War. Ward yourself and then sit in it - anyone trying to blast you get's Twilighted.

I remember during my last 2 sagas, whenever someone rolled 'Story Event' during Experimentation, a few people would sight and roll their eyes. Because this event was always passed onto one of the more experiences ars players, not playing the magus currently responsible.

One time, my ice maga made one of those disasters, and our entire covenant site was swamped in a thick layer of snow, in the middle of sumemr in central France. It eventually turned out to just stay for the season, but took some work to clear roads and avoid destroying the vineyards. Since the local lord was in the know and an ally, and the covenant was somewhat isolated, the negative publicity was minimal.
My maga was naturally obliged to help contain or remedy the disaster, but she discovered a lot of snow/winter-based animals had also been created/summoned. Since she was also beginning to search for a relevant animal for a familiar, she abandoned all work on the botched project, as well as cleaning up her own mess. Eventually she attracted a snow fox, that after much work becase her familiar some years later.

In the earlier saga in Cornwall, an Cr/Re Te magus made several lab disasters. When trying to invent a spell to tear down an entire castle, he managed to accidentally create small feet under his own tower, and it started to creep slowly twards the cliff, with a sheer drop down to sea. He then had to spend an entire season recreating the experiement in a makeshift lab in a tent on the other side og the tower, to lure in back into place.
Second time, his experiment resulted in the creation of stacmites and stalactites in his lab, but not on celing/floor but on to opposing walls. If the dripping water was caught in a bucket, without letting it touch the floor, it was a very small vis source. He had to re-arrange his lab though.
Third time, he managed to have his Rego magics to totally awry. He had the local gravity shift from going down to the floor to down from one wall towards the opposing wall. And of course not the same direction as the stalactites. In effect, once the threshold of his lab was crosses, you'd fall sharply to your right, because this was the local down. His lab was a long rectangle before, and now it was a very high room with a smallish ground plan. He then put in another level, getting to small squares in two levels. Although he got used to using the special handholds in the doorway, to adjust to local gravity.

Shift of gravety! I like that :smiley:
But what, if this effect lasts for a year only... :open_mouth:

modified event: some of your lab equipments gain 6 Te vis - they contain raw vis in their material. Or +1 aura in your lab for a year.

Harrison I like your idea! Do you imagine it as a visible monster?
I think it is better as an invisible being without a material body. This way the never used second sight abilities get some attention. And the grogs will not run away but they get a lot of warping. maybe the better related flaw will be the magical aura (or something like this).

Since this was vis extraction, my idea probably does not apply, but I will post anyway.

When a magus in my troupe experiments and gets the "Story Event" only, I allow the magus to complete the experiment the next season AFTER completing the following type of mission.

We all hear of necromancers having to gather body parts from graves, witches needing eye of newt and wing of bat, but this never seems to come into play in an Ars Saga. Now I found the way to incorporate it. Using the troupe to make suggestions, the experimenting magus and I come up with a reasonable (lower level experiment = more reasonable) story that needs to be completed before the lab work will be finsihed. Some of these things may have time contraints, some not, depending on what the magus was working on.

This puts the brunt of the "Story Event" on the experimenting magus: he can certainly enlist the other magi in the troupe for help, if he wants it.

...only for a year...???

Nono, all these effects of previous disasters were permanent! Perhaps this is impossible in Hermetic Terms. But the magus in question was an Incomprehensible Hedge Mage. Plus I see no problems in defying Hermetic Laws, if it's not something done intentionally or controlled by the PC magus.
Perhaps the shift in gravity was the result of a Duration Year Ritual Automatic Magic, fueled by self-destilled vis from the Lab's considerable aura.

I imagined a bluish mist, but I like Birbin's idea of not being able to see the danger without second sight. That way you do not know which way it is going and the terror factor jumps up, way up. Since the thought was CrVi, I went with something in the guidelines. The other nice thing about CrVi is that such spells and effects are rarely encountered, since this form and technique combination is not common.

I would have a story impact that engages all the players. If they want to seek retribution against the careless magus, then that is another story. The stories keep flowing.

If it was a muto effect then the mist of change effect in the ritual of the same name could be a fun scenario to play as the covenant jumps from animal form to animal form. The longer you stay in one form the more risk of a bestial nature to come forth.

The creation of sentiment vermin or livestock is another fun thought, although I would avoid weasels.