Nesting Enchantment?

Well, that applies to only items where part of it is enchanted, not to compound items.

I apologized for my bad RAW wordage already, I forgot there were different terms for two things that are nearly (though not completely, upon review) identical in practice.

It's an important distinction if your saga views enchanted swords as needing to penetrates, rather than active magical effects. So, you can enchant the pommel, which casts effects on the entire blade, which is, itself, not enchanted.

I suppose that's true. I am of the "only needs to Penetrate if currently under effect" camp, which likely explains why it's never been important in my games.

Ah, but there are some role play, and some "rules" play issues, Maine75man, true and accurate though your words are. One, at this point in the game, I assume I am old and crotchety, so I don't want to move into a new house! I am a rich and powerful Mage, and I will bring my house with me! Second, we get back to the internal lab issue. I have worked on it, let's say, about a decade. It's Refinement ten, opened, with many enchantments, and, of course, several Greater Focuses, and more. It is a vast, but unmovable treasure. The rules on moving labs are not kind.

I think there may also be a bigger rules play issue. I'm pretty sure you don't get the benifits of you Verditius outer mystery if you don't craft what your enchanting yourself. In other words you can't add in your Craft and Philosophea scores to your lab total. But it looks like you still get to use your elder runes so there is that.

Oh, gosh, wasn't even trying to imply that! Nope, nope, nope, no outer Mystery, no craft bonus, no Philo, none of that. Just Elder Runes. I know it's not the most "efficient" path, but that's what roleplay is all about right? The things you do even though they aren't "efficient" or "pragmatic".

That's fair. But if your going the roleplaying route are you sure it's the most Verditius path. Will all the other Verditius be impressed you slapped an enchantment on something made by a bunch of nobodies. My impression is that the Mystery house kinda considers the crafting of the object as part of the Magic. They are far more about making magical things then making things magical.

So true. But I am not doing this (If I ever get a chance to) to show off to other Verditius. This is something for the Covenant (which is why the Whole Covenant is getting enchanted, as opposed to just me and a tower :slight_smile: ) The whole "What do you do? Your Aura is being overwhelmed by the Divine Aura created by the city your Covenant. helped create (Whoops!)." Well, move the whole dang thing, that's my answer. (When I want to show off to my peers, It will be Splashy, not some mundane flying city! I will unlock the secrets of Awakened Devices and make my familiar out of Gold and Ruby! I will teach him everything I know, and enchant him to receive my spirit when I die! I will be the best book the Order has ever seen!!!!)