New Abilities for Magic Animals

Hey, reading through Mythic Locations, and I've seen a few animals that have Abilities I haven't seen before, (maybe they're in the Realm books). But like the magic wolves in the Truffles location have Animal Resistance (Hooves) and Ignem Resistance (Cold).

How do those work? Is it a straight Soak bonus, or is it calculated like Parma, or does it add to their Might for Magic Resistance?

Those are magical qualities from RoP:M, under [Form] Resistance.

It's a straight soak bonus iirc.

You should have invoked some form of Parma, because it is much broader than that. As per RoP:M p.51, it applies to any roll to resist damage (including Soak) as well as magic resistance.

This may seem strong, but the Ability requires a Form-specific magic quality.