New: Ars Magazine

A number of people have brought up Hermes Portal recently, and noted that they have material that they would like to see published, either online or in a fan magazine.

I am setting up an Ars Magica fan magazine, following the closure of Hermes Portal. Now that ArM5 is established, it is important that it receive fan support, both from Ars authors and specifically fans.

A great number of current Ars authors got their break in Hermes Portal (not to mention Red Cap and Mythic Perspectives). Hopefully this zine will likewise help.

The zine will be similar to Hermes Portal - online, pdf issues, produced (hopefully) every quarter.

If you are interested in contributing in any way, please email me at: AT

  • Alex -

What a wonderful idea Alex. I think Ars really needs something like this. :smiley:

I'm interested in buying. Don't have anything to contribute, I'm afraid. But an excellent idea, good luck!

Great initiative Alex! I would love to help out but I just can't see any spare room in the calendar in the months to come. If the powers that be allow me some slack come summer, I'll return to you. Untill then I'll be happy to concur with Yair's interest in buying.

Like YR7, I'm a loyal buyer. Have all the previous fanzines, would like to keep that going. But I'm the contributing type. Looking forward to learning more.

I would, too, but my credit card (non-visa, non-mastercard, 100% pure french-only card) probably won't be allowed :frowning:

But it is a great idea :smiley:

Will this be focused solely on 5th ed.?

Hmm. This sounds very interesting to me.

Not having subscribed to any of the previous, since I wasn't playing the game back then, I have no preconceptions. So, for the newbies amongst us, please expand a bit on what you are looking to publish, it's expected utility (primarily storyguides, or player info and hints, history nuts, et cetera), and openness to contribution.

Thanks much!

One more buyer! 8)

Quite interested in contributing. What kind of articles would be interesting? Revised system (got a bit of that lying around), spells (... plenty of those), mythic places?

While this magazine is completely unofficial, and my input may well be limited to reading it, Alex did check with us first, and we're happy with him doing this.

The Ars Magazine would be for both story guides and players. It would be written by fans, for fans, so its content is contributor driven.

It is based on the previous Ars fan zines, most recently Hermes Portal. Articles in the past have included new mysteries, spells, virtues, adventures, characters, discussions, new or altered rules, short stories, and more

Have a look at Hermes Portal website for an idea.

Edit: this zine would be entirely for ArM5.

  • Alex -

OK, Mister Editor, I'm in (for a reasonable price).

When should contributions begin, what are your submission guidelines, and what are you looking for in your first issue?


I am interested. Will there be a subscription cost? I might also wish to contribute.

An other would be subscriber reporting :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm happy to have a go at contributing content and more than happy to buy/receive/obtain (whatever the correct verb is) the finished product.

Hi all,

Writer's guidelines etc will be made available asap (I'm in the process of trying to get a website up).

Costs are likely to be the same or similar to Hermes Portal - about US$5 per issue. There is also likely to be a troupe subscription.

  • Alex -